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 Season 4

Episode 51

(Inner Disciple Admission Test(2)

Following the train of her thought, she finally got to the point, "Now you have entered the nature level, which is enough to qualify you as an inner disciple. But you still need to pass the test. The test is tomorrow. All top thirty outer disciples are going to take it."    

Zen nodded. This test should not be too stressful for him.     

Seeing the look on his face, Aura added, "Do you have any idea why I want you to become an inner disciple of Drizzle Peak right now?"    

"Does it have something to do with the All Peaks Competition?" Zen asked.    

 Aura nodded and replied, "I want you to take a shot at the All Peaks Competition. There's no pressure and I am not asking you to win it. Take it as a familiarization course. Soak up the atmosphere. There is one thing you'll want to keep in mind. The number of disciples who can compete is limited. The quota varies from peak to peak, basically according to the peaks' strength. Drizzle Peak has got seven places."  

All Peaks Competition was a contest among all the top inner disciples from all 33 peaks.    

 But there was huge gap between the strength of the 33 peaks. For instance, Skytop Peak constantly topped the other peaks and a great number of its inner disciples had already reached the consummation of the nature level. Some had even entered the Illuminating Soul Realm. Drizzle Peak was nothing compared to Skytop Peak. The best of its inner disciple had just reached the consummation of the nature level.     

It would be unfair if all peaks had same quantity of places. For example, a refiner at the consummation of the nature level could barely qualify to fight on behalf of Skytop Peak. Meanwhile the places of Drizzle Peak fell on those disciples who were merely at the fifth or sixth rank of the nature level.     

Therefore every peak was allowed a different number of places.   

Skytop Peak was the best peak and was allowed to send 43 disciples to fight in the All Peaks Competition. As for Drizzle Peak, seven places was all it got.    

 "Seven places for the top seven inner disciples from our peak. Which means you'll have to get into the top seven to qualify for a shot at the All Peaks Competition. I can't help you on that. You'll have to do it on your own." Aura told him slowly.   

  In Aura's view, Zen was capable enough to reach the inner disciples' top seven. Even though, he was still at the second rank of the nature level, his battle skills were enough to make up for the refining level gap.     

Drizzle Peak's number one inner disciple had already reached the consummation of the nature level. And the disciple who had come seventh had reached the seventh rank of the nature level. If Zen's previous performance was kept in mind, then he had already clinched a place at the All Peaks Competition.   

The ranking of the inner disciples was generated automatically based on their performance in the test.    

 There was no way to cheat on the ranking and you simply had to be at your best. If Aura abused her power to put Zen into the top seven, the other disciples were sure to raise several questions. Besides, she felt that there was no need to do so.     

"Got it. So the test is tomorrow, right?" Zen nodded.     

"Yes. It's on tomorrow morning. I will help you get ready for the test. Remember that your performance in the test will decide whether you can get into the top seven and fight in the contest on behalf of Drizzle Peak or not." Aura smiled, and was slightly relieved to see the look on his face. From that confident expression, it was evident that he was pretty sure of himself.    

 The next day Drizzle Peak's annual inner disciple admission test began.     

The test was very important for all the outer disciples of the Drizzle Peak. The result would have determined their fate and whether they would find themselves promoted to inner disciple or not.   

However only the top 30 of the outer disciples were able to take the test vying for the 10 places of inner disciples.     

A middle-sized magic array appeared on the outer disciples' muster station. 

Obscure runes engraved around the magic array were emitting pale blue light, which meant that it had been activated.     Even though only the top 30 were allowed to actually take part, no disciple would have missed it for the world. This was such a grand moment that it attracted everyone's attention.     

Aura and some other masters had already been there. The magic array had been set up a long time ago. But the maters needed to finish other preparations such as putting on crystals and activating the runes.     

Before long, the outer disciples all arrived, including Henry and Wurth.    

 In theory, those who were able to take on others at the refining level would gain a huge advantage for themselves. It was believed that they would be the ones who would score big and be promoted.  

 But that was not always the case. Some disciples at lower refining levels with commendable fighting skills usually got higher scores. Once, there had been a disciple who had ranked 29th among the outer disciples, but had successfully fought his way into the top ten in the test. He was now an inner disciple of the Drizzle Peak.     

"Zen is a nature creature now. He can be promoted to an inner disciple directly. Why has he come here to take the test?"    
"What do you know about it? He can make an inner disciple easily. He is good. Rumors are floating around that he wants to get into the top 7 of the inner disciples list, so that he can have a shot at the All Peaks Competition. And this test, this magic array is his chance."    

"Impossible. Drizzle Peak isn't that good, but still.... The seventh inner disciple has already reached the seventh rank of the nature level. Zen is good, but not good enough to beat a guy so many levels above him."  

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