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Season 4

Episode 42

(The magnetic aurora(1)

The steward just collected the cards without looking at the disciples' faces. But when he saw Zen's disciple card, he was surprised that Zen was an outer disciple. What was an outer disciple doing in this place? Since he became a steward here, he had never seen an outer disciple because this was not a place where an outer disciple should be at.

The steward then raised his head and looked at Zen. He looked down on Zen's disciple card again with a shocked look on his face. He said slowly, "You are Zen Luo, right? I must remind you that this is the entrance to the grade eight and above of the Seven Star Sword Light Platform. In consideration of your comprehensive strength, I'm afraid you're not yet eligible to enter. I suggest you try the other entrance."

The black robe disciple who had been kind enough to persuade Zen had finished his registration. He then turned around and said to the steward, "You're just wasting your time. I just told him that, but he insisted on entering the eighth layer!"

The steward thought Zen might not be aware of the rules of the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, and he was about to explain more to him. But, upon hearing what the black robe disciple said, he soon realized that Zen intended to enter the eighth layer.

"Well, Zen Luo, the Seven Star Sword Light Platform not only has magic arrays. The polar magic stone also contains the Magnetic Aurora that could hurt people!" the steward continued.

"Save it. I also explained that to him. He insisted on doing that," added the black robe disciple.

Then there was nothing more the steward could do but to shake it off. He was just a steward on the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, not Zen Luo's master. His greatest obligation was to inform the disciples of the danger and difficulty. But if one didn't take his advice at all, then there was nothing more he could do.

So the steward accepted Zen's disciple card and handed a token to Zen. And since it was Zen's first time to enter the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, the steward gave him the instruction, "You can choose the grades when entering the Seven Star Sword Light Platform with this token. The points deducted for every level are different."

"Hm, I see," answered Zen as he reached for the token. Then he followed the black robe disciples inside.

The Seven Star Sword Light Platform was quite a large and beautiful building. If seen from afar, it looked like an ordinary viewing deck. But when Zen came closer to it, he saw a small platform surrounded by balustrades of white marble stones with various kinds of animals carved on them. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen by far.

As he walked further, he saw a small bridge floating in the air. The small bridge was wide enough for one person only. All the disciples could only cross the bridge one after another.

In the middle of the bridge, it diverged into branches that led to different platforms.

The black robe disciple walking in front of Zen suddenly turned around and smiled at Zen. He then asked, "Which platform will you choose?"

The difficulty of each platform was different. The right one was labeled "Eight", while the left one was labeled "Nine", and the middle one was labeled "Ten". The labels indicated the difficulty level of each platform.

As a first-time comer, Zen knew little about the difficulties of the Seven Star Sword Light Platform. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know. Which one will you choose? Maybe I'll just go with you."

The black robe disciple grinned and said, "I am at the eighth grade of nature level, but I can barely adapt to the difficulty of level eight." He was trying to imply that being an eighth grade of nature level, he could only cope with level eight difficulty. He doubted if Zen could withstand the difficulty of a platform according to his strength.

"All right, then! I will choose the difficulty of level eight!" smiled Zen faintly and then he followed the black robe disciple.
The black robe disciple shook his head reluctantly. He had met so many people that overrated their strength, But Zen was one of a kind. 'All right. There's no easy way to learn before success, ' thought the black robe disciple. He then took the lead to the eighth level platform.

As soon as they stepped into the platform, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed. The magic array on the Seven Star Sword Light Platform was activated instantly.

The magic array of the Seven Star Sword Light Platform wasn't that special, and it was even a little rough compared to the other magic arrays. This was because that the Seven Star Sword Light Platform was mainly used for sharpening the sword intent. And the most important thing for sharpening the sword intent was to concentrate the mind to achieve the combination of man and sword.

Upon entering the platform, the black robe disciple unfastened a long sword that he carried on his back.

The long sword was tightly wrapped that the disciple in black robe needed to unzip many layers before finally revealing the sword. On the scabbard of the sword, a dragon made of gold was sitting on it looking very powerful and impressive.

The black robe disciple slowly removed the sword from its scabbard, and a crisp chime was heard. He said to Zen with a smile, "This sword is called Candle Dragon. It is a middle-grade spiritual weapon!"

Despite having only a middle-grade spiritual weapon, this black robe disciple was proud of what he had achieved with his own strength. He might have been a noble clansman, but his clan wasn't strong compared to the other clans. And his family status wasn't high because he was born from an offshoot.

After all, it was rare for a black robe disciple from Cloud Sect to own a middle-grade spiritual weapon. Most of them might only have a top-grade mysterious weapon or a low-grade spiritual weapon.

"It's a beautiful sword. But to be honest, I have no idea how to cultivate on the Seven Star Sword Light Platform," Zen said as he looked around. The magic array of the Seven Star Sword Light Platform was too rough and there wasn't even a scenic spot.

Gray mass was also everywhere, and the smoke grid directly blocked the view. Compared to those delicate magic arrays on the Bloody Mountain, there was a great difference.

The disciple in black robe pointed at a direction and said, "Do you see the two pillars in front of you?"

Zen looked at the direction and saw two pillars with a crystal ball above each one.



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