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 Season 8

Episode 77

(Put You In My Pocket)

Remembering his last encounter with Jacob, Ray was terrified, and decided it was best to take temporary setbacks. 'I'd better not challenge Jacob now, ' Ray thought to himself.    

"Fine. A young man such as myself always knows how to respect elders. Your wish is my command, Mr. Jacob,"  Ray said. Then he turned to look at Emily. "I'll see you next time."   

 Not waiting for Jacob's response, Ray darted out the room in a blink of an eye, like a small creature running away from a horrible beast.   

 "You..." Jacob muttered as he ground his teeth.    Beryl waved at Ray enthusiastically, calling after him, "Ray, come and play with us next time! See you!"  

"Tch!" Jacob's fist clenched.   

 'Beryl, you are my daughter, aren't you? Why do you like him so much?' he thought.    

Seeing Jacob's look of disapproval amused Emily. "Jacob, look at you. You really look like a little old man now. Do you want a mirror so you can see how you look like right now?"    

"Even if I do look like a little old man, I'm still much more handsome than that little brat!" Jacob refuted, even though he knew that was very childish. Only anger filled his heart at the moment.  

  It was rare to see Jacob behave like a willful boy so Emily soothed him gently, "Yeah, right. My husband is the most handsome guy in the world! No one could even compare to you!"    

"What do you think I am? A three-year-old boy?" said Jacob, rolling his eyes. The corners of his mouth turned up to a slight smile though. "I swear I will beat him once I see him bother my family again in the future."  

Upon hearing this, Beryl couldn't help but look up at Jacob in protest. "Daddy! How could you do that! Ray is my friend! If you continue being so irrational, I will not talk to you anymore!"    

This irritated Jacob, and he turned to look at his daughter with raised eyebrows. "Who's more important to you? Daddy or your dear Ray? Me or him? Pick one, now!"   

 With a frown, Beryl thought about it. It was very difficult for her to choose. "Why can't I have both of you at the same time?"   

 "Because you can't,"  said Jacob, emphasizing on each and every word.    "Honey, don't push Beryl anymore,"  interjected Emily, waving her hand at Jacob. "Come and sit by me. I pick you and only you. Is that okay?"    

Hearing this, Jacob strode towards Emily. Carefully, he sat at the edge of the bed and gently put his arms around her. 

"Of course you'll only pick me,"  he said in a soft tone.    

"Yeah, of course. Who else would be if it wasn't you?" Emily whispered in his ear, her voice crooning. "I love you the most."  

Although they had been married for quite some time now, Emily didn't say sweet things like that often, and only said those things when Jacob pushed her to do so sometimes. Because of this reason, Jacob was overwhelmed with joy when Emily told him she loved him. His heart was racing in his chest as he looked into her eyes lovingly.  

  His face was so close to Emily's, much so that he could feel her warm breath tickling his face. If Beryl wasn't in the room, he would've swooped in and kissed Emily deeply.    

Beryl saw them and giggled, "Daddy, your ears are red. Are you embarrassed right now?"    

"No, I'm not, I'm not..." stammered Jacob, quickly straightening himself up.    

"Well, well, well..." Beryl said mockingly, making a face towards her parents.    

Just then, Jacob turned to look at Emily, remembering that he had something important to tell her. "Emily, I'm going abroad for a business trip tomorrow."  

"Oh? For how long?" asked Emily.    

"Around two weeks tops,"  replied Jacob.    
At that, Emily frowned. "That long? Are you going alone? Who'll watch over me and Beryl?"    

Jacob told her several names who were all his most trusted men. "I will leave Sam to protect you so you may call him if you need any help. I'll be back before you know it."    

"Okay, the trip isn't dangerous, is it?" Emily asked worriedly.    

"No, it's not. It's nothing but a normal on-spot investigation,"  he explained.    


 Lowering his head, Jacob looked at Emily affectionately, gently stroking her hair. "I wish I'd just turn into Doreamon so I can put you in my pocket and take you everywhere I go,"  he said in a low, warm voice.  

What Jacob said was so corny and cheese that Emily's cheeks flushed from embarrassment. She lightly pinched his cheeks. "Don't be foolish. Beryl is still here,"  she muttered.    

"I heard nothing, I promise." Beryl interrupted with a sly smile.   

 Heaving a deep sigh, Emily's cheeks got redder.    

Pulling Beryl in closer, Jacob lowered his head and planted a kiss at the top of her head. "Beryl, when Daddy's gone, you need to obey your Mommy, okay? And do not make her angry or worry about you,"  he said gently.    

"Yeah, got it,"  said Beryl. Beryl hated it when a family member had to go away, so she sat close with Jacob knowing that he wouldn't be around for such a long time.    

For a moment, they all sat quietly at the ward, enjoying each other's company. 

Jacob had Beryl on his lap while his arm wrapped around Emily. It was a nice peaceful couple of minutes until his assistant kept on calling him back to the office. Reluctantly, Jacob left.  


The next day, Jacob went abroad after he sending Beryl off to school and making all the other necessary arrangements.   

 The babysitter took Bowen to visit Emily. However, Emily was afraid that the environment of the hospital might be bad for Bowen's health. Therefore she reluctantly ordered people to send the baby back after holding him for only a short time.    

As they were about to leave, Bowen seemed to feel that he was going to part with his mother, and he pouted and cried out loudly to resist, reaching for Emily.  

  Seeing Bowen cry so bad, Emily felt so hurt and was on the verge of tears as well. But it looked like there was no way for him to stop.    

At that moment, a whistle rang.  

  It quickly got Bowen's attention, and he turned to look for the sound with big, curious eyes.  

The whistle was so interesting, like the sound of a bird.    

Emily also felt curious as she turned to look for the sound. A man in clean and white coat stepped into the ward elegantly with the whistle.    

It was Tyron. He went directly towards Bowen and whistled to catch his attention. Looking up at Tyron, Bowen learned from him and tried to press his lips together. He didn't make a sound, however. Instead, bubbles came out of his mouth.   

 In an instant, Bowen quickly forgot what he was crying about and began to concentrate on spitting out bubbles.    

Seeing Bowen calm down made Emily relieved. Bowen was her son so her heart felt so hurt seeing him sad.   

 "Thank you so much, Dr. Tyron,"  Emily thanked sincerely.   

 "You are welcome,"  replied Tyron, lightly pinching Bowen's cheek. "He looks like you. Quite adorable,"  he added.  

"Really?" Emily smiled, "I think he looks much more like his father."   

 Tyron did not deny it, but changed topic instead, "We're in a hospital. It's best if you don't bring your baby here unless it's absolutely necessary."   

 Nodding her head, Emily agreed, "I know. I was just about to send him back home."    

Reluctantly, Emily told the babysitter to bring Bowen back. With much difficulty, she watched them leave through the ward's window. Soon, Bowen was out of her sight.    

"Miss Emily, if you want to spend more time with your family as soon as possible, you need to cooperate with the treatment as much as you can to recover quickly,"  Tyron explained.   

 The way he said it was so calm and reassuring that Emily felt comforted, the thought of being able to see her children freely comforting her. And so, she was no longer as sad as before.  

 "You are right, Dr. Tyron."  

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