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Season 8

Episode 76

(You mustn't hurt him)

Whenever Beryl didn't get what she wanted to eat, which in this case was her favorite cake, she would show a look of disappointment that was similar to Ray's. This fact really intrigued Emily.

"Do you want to lose weight?" she asked.

She had heard that in order to be photogenic, a lot of stars chose to go on a crazy diet and only had one meal for days on end. But Ray did not look fat at all. He even looked too slim. Why would he have to go on a diet?

Ray stared at the cake, and then finally put it back where he got it. "No," he said, shaking his head. "I'm just allergic to chocolate."

"Allergic? I thought you loved eating this kind of chocolate?" Emily frowned. She remembered clearly that he said he loved eating this kind of chocolate.

'If he's allergic, how could it be possible that he has eaten this before? What a little liar he is!'

"Yes, I loved eating it very much when I was younger," he admitted.

When he was just a little boy, he loved eating chocolate and wasn't allergic to it at all. But later on, he became a star, and had to drink with investors before he became famous. It was a way of making connections.

There was a time when he drank too much and had a massive stomach bleeding. From then on, he couldn't eat chocolate anymore.

To this day, he could only look at the food he once used to love.

Of course, Ray didn't delve into details, and just simply said that he was allergic to it. Hearing this, Emily sighed. "What a pity!" she said.

Something that was once a personal favorite could no longer be enjoyed--the same way people loved someone they couldn't confess to. It was truly such a sad situation.

"Don't be down. I have some candy here. Though you can't eat chocolate, you can eat candy instead, right?" Emily comforted.

Pulling open a drawer, she reached in and grabbed a box filled with candy. The candies were supposedly for Beryl. But when Emily was hospitalized, Beryl brought them to her, worried that her mommy would suffer from the bitter medicine the hospital was giving her.

In truth, the medicine Emily was taking wasn't bitter at all. But upon seeing her daughter distraught with worry, she accepted them without hesitation. Of course, Beryl still ate most of it nevertheless.

"Do you think I'm a child?"

Ray pouted as he looked at the box filled with different kinds of candies. Smiling, Emily took out one candy herself and handed the box to Ray. With a sigh, he took one out as well.

He peeled off the candy wrapper and popped it into his mouth. A sweet, milky flavor flooded his mouth. The taste made Ray close his eyes in pleasure. Ray was about to thank Emily, when a pair of footsteps approached the ward.

Hearing the incoming steps made Ray flustered, and he immediately put on his mask. "Someone is coming. I can't let anyone recognize me," he said under his breath, hurriedly putting on his mask over his face.

Upon hearing this, Emily motioned towards the bathroom at the corner. "Maybe you'd like to hide there?" she suggested. "I don't think it'll take too long for the person to leave."

"Bathroom?" he asked skeptically. 'Me, an idol star, hiding in the bathroom?' His eyes stared at her in disbelief.

The knob at the ward turned, and without another second thought, Ray dashed inside the bathroom.

It was just in time that he was able to lock the bathroom door before the person entered the ward.

A lively, little girl came in the room. Following her was a man dressed in a sharp suit, a pink, cartoon schoolbag in hand.

"Beryl! Jacob!" Emily called out as soon as she saw the two walk in.

Beryl instantly trotted over and held Emily's hand. "Mommy, I came to see you again!" she chirped. Then, she saw the candy box in Emily's hand and couldn't help but reach out for a candy for herself. Smiling from ear to ear, she put the candy in her mouth.

That childish look of Beryl amused Emily a lot. She doted on that fluffy head of hers, and then turned to look at Jacob who had seated himself on a chair nearby.

"Why did you have time to pick up Beryl today?" she asked.

Generally, Jacob was much busier. So it was her or the home driver's work to pick up Beryl. It was so rare that Jacob would be available to pick up Beryl from school.

It was so weird to see a full-grown man wearing a formal suit and leather shoes carrying a pink school bag for his own daughter. The thought of this made Emily snicker.

"I happened to be in the area, so I picked her up along the way to come visit you together," he explained seriously as he pulled Beryl aside, not knowing that Emily was just laughing at him.

"Beryl, please sit down. Don't hold your mommy like this. She will get uncomfortable."

At that moment, Emily felt as if Jacob saw Beryl as a barrier between him and herself. Knowing this, Emily shook her head and held Beryl back.

"Not at all. I am so happy that Beryl holds me like this," Emily said softly.

Hearing this, Jacob paused and looked blankly at her.

'So was I not as important as Beryl and Bowen to her?' Jacob thought bitterly. "Forget it. I'm going to wash my hands so I can peel you an apple," Jacob exclaimed as he stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

"Wait!" Emily shouted. But before she could stop him, Jacob had already turned the knob.

"Why is the washroom locked?" he asked, frowning. Jacob looked at Emily as he tried to turn the knob left and right.

'Damn it! This hospital is the worst. How dare they let Emily stay in a ward that's in such a bad condition?!'

"Maybe... the wind blew in and the door was locked from the inside," she lied smoothly. It was her first time to lie at Jacob's face, and yet there wasn't an ounce of guilt that she felt.

"Really?" Jacob didn't think too much about it. He walked back a few steps, examining the door. "I'll send for someone to repair it," he exclaimed.

Just when he was about to press the help bell for the nurses, a "click" came from the bathroom and the door swung open.

"Thank you, Emily,"

said Ray, walking out without his mask.

In an instant, a cold look appeared on Jacob's face. Ray wasn't supposed to visit Emily in the first place, and now he was even hiding in her bathroom!

"Ray, who permitted you to come here? Did you forget your last lesson?"

"Mr. Gu is here, too. What a coincidence!" Ray said lightly, not threatened by Jacob's words.

Clenching his fist, Jacob squinted his eyes at him. "I'm here every day," he said through his teeth.

Just before Ray was able to response, Beryl called out in great joy, "Brother Ray! Did you come to see my mommy, too? That's so great!"

With that, she ran towards him.

"Beryl, what did you call him? Keep away from that man," retorted Jacob, grabbing her by the wrist.

"I called him brother. Daddy, come on. I want to play with him!" Beryl said as she struggled free from Jacob's grip.

"Sorry, you can't. He was just about to leave,"

Jacob spat out, looking at Ray with fury. The look he gave him was frightening, as if he was about to tear the man from limb to limb if he didn't walk out the door in a heartbeat.



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