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 Season 8

Episode 72

(Tyron looks familiar)

The bright, white light of the fluorescent lamp bounced off the cream walls of the hospital room. Jacob's hands pulled the quilt, but suddenly stopped. "What a bug mouth he has!" he complained.    

He secretly decided to deduct Sam's salary, then appeared calm again in front of Emily. "It's not what you thought,"  he assured her.    

Company work wasn't really a frequent topic of their conversations, but Jacob would tell Emily if she asked. However, he didn't want to say anything about it now--which implied that he was hiding something.   

 "It turned out like how I guessed, Jacob."  Emily's small hands held Jacob's larger ones as she answered him. Her eyes blinked as she looked at him, and waited for his answer.    

Actually, Sam hadn't told anything about the matter to Emily. But when she asked what Jacob was doing, he tried to beat around the bush and told her that he was in an important meeting. When she asked what the important meeting was about, Sam made up some excuse and still didn't tell her.  

Judging from those events, Emily boldly concluded that Jacob's company recently encountered a serious problem, and Jacob was stuck in a rut.   

 "You..."  When Jacob saw his hands in Emily's own, it never occurred to him that he had gotten drawn into her trap.    

A helpless smile graced his lips as he touched the tip of Emily's nose. "You're such a smart girl. It's hard to hide things from you, but I've solved this problem. You don't have to worry. Just take care of yourself and heal your wounds,"  he comforted.   

 A strong competitor had recently emerged, which threatened the position of his company. They had continuously taken several projects from them, and Jacob had to deal with all those by himself.   

 "Are you sure?" Emily asked.  

  The door opened quietly and a nurse came in. Emily looked back again at Jacob and sniffed, while Jacob gave the wet quilt to the nurse.  

"If you are busy, I will ask Beryl or Rita to keep me company, then you can..."   

 Her words were suddenly cut off when Jacob kissed her moving lips, and suddenly drowned anything else she had to say in the kiss.    


Red patches appeared on Emily's cheeks when she saw the nurse behind Jacob. She felt a bit ashamed and hit Jacob in the chest.    

However, Jacob got Emily's hands in time, then sat beside the bed to wrap her in a hug. "Emily, I don't want to hear you say that again. I'll definitely stay with you at any time." 

   Whether it was their child or Rita, no one could replace his position in Emily's heart.  

  In turn, Emily leaned on Jacob's chest. The strong sound of his heartbeat was like music to her ears, but was cut when she suddenly recalled what Ray had just said.  

"Jacob, can I ask you a question?" she asked. Nervousness coursed through her as she subconsciously drew circles on Jacob's palm and lowered her eyes.    

As Jacob hadn't really seen Emily's weird behavior, he touched her forehead with his chin then closed his eyes. "Yeah,"  he said tiredly.   

 "Assuming that if we get a divorce in the future, will you..."    

Emily was afraid that Jacob might take her words too seriously, so she especially used the word "if."   

 However, Jacob didn't want to hear anything else about it anymore. "There is no if, we will never get a divorce,"  Jacob said as his black eyes suddenly shot open.    

After he finished his words, he released Emily. He held her arms tightly instead, his eyes filled with unquestionable earnestness.    

"Emily, I don't want to hear you mention anything about divorce again, I love you and I will stay with you forever."  

He truly loved her deeply, so he would rather take any risk himself. Back when the earthquake occurred, he was ready to give up his life to save Emily and make her live on. How could he let her go easily now?    

"I see, I see. Jacob, I love you, too."  Emily rested her head on Jacob's arms, then tightly wrapped her own around him.    

Of course, she didn't want that to happen either. However, anything could happen in the world, and they couldn't predict everything. Thus, she was afraid that she and Jacob would come to that end… She simply couldn't dare to imagine that day would come.   

 "Well, you'd better not think too much. I'm pretty sure that we will never be apart. There is nothing can keep us apart,"  Jacob assured her.    

He held Emily tightly as she did. They were wrapped in an embrace so strong, as if their bodies would meld into one.    They remained like that while they watched the outside scenery in the distance. Meanwhile, Tyron saw them from the hallway through the ward's window. A hint of sadness flashed in his otherwise charming eyes, then he couldn't help but walk towards the ward door and knock.  

"Come in, please."    

When he heard Jacob's voice, his face returned to its usual expression. Then he opened the door with a soft smile.    

"Emily, I came here to check your condition. How do you feel today?"    

Emily untangled herself from Jacob's hug, then slightly adjusted her position. 

"Hi, Doctor Fang. My feet still can't feel anything today, but my wound feels itchy and I want to scratch it."    

On the other hand, Tyron glanced at Jacob as he listened to Emily's words. He took notes on his medical records and said, "It's normal to feel some itching. It means that your wound is healing well."    

"When can she leave the hospital?" Jacob blinked and asked.    

"She can't leave the hospital just yet,"  Tyron immediately answered.    

Tyron's sudden response made both Jacob and Emily surprised. The doctor then coughed lightly and adjusted his glasses to ease his embarrassment.  

"Sorry. I meant according to Emily's present condition, she may leave the hospital after we take out her wound's stitches, so it's not possible for her to leave now."    

Then Tyron added, "What's more, it was her feet that were hurt--so it would be easy for her to fall down or hit something. There are chances of a second injury, which is detrimental to her recovery."    

All in all, Tyron meant that Emily couldn't leave the hospital now. However, surprise still lingered on Jacob's face as he asked, "My question was how long would it take before my wife can leave the hospital?"    

Jacob didn't know why, but he had a feeling that this person in front of them seemed to try everything to keep Emily in the hospital on purpose.   

 A vague unpleasantness flashed in Tyron's eyes, then he said, "It's hard to say. I can't give you a definite answer as it depends on the progress of Emily's recovery."    

Now, Jacob was annoyed by the ineffable hostility he felt from the man. "I get it, you can leave now,"  he said coldly with knitted brows.  

Tyron was aware of Jacob's bad impression of him, so he didn't do anything else. He looked at Emily who just sat there without a word.    

"Emily, if you feel uncomfortable, you should notify me as soon as possible. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the next ward,"  he said.    

"Well, see you, Doctor Fang."    

While Emily watched Tyron's receding back, she suddenly realized something. She then turned to Jacob and asked, "Jacob, do you have a feeling that Doctor Fang looks familiar?"    

When Tyron addressed Emily with her name and left the ward after, something suddenly flashed through Emily's mind. Tyron's back looked quite similar to Sean's! How was that possible?!    

"I don't think so. Is there any chance that you might have hallucinated?"  

Jacob was still disturbed by Tyron's animosity, so he hadn't paid attention to the man's figure.  


Was it really just a hallucination? Confusion filled Emily's face as her lips curved down into a pout.    

However, Sean's last name was Lu, while Tyron's was Fang. They were clearly different last names--and what was more, Sean had already died from suicide. So, how could he even show up in the hospital?  

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