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 Season 8

Episode 71

(Divorce from him)

Emily was hospitalized, and Ray only found out about it after Jacob had left in a hurry. He badly wanted to go to the hospital to visit Emily, but he was stopped by his agent.    

The agent would not allow him to go, and Ray could only ask Emily's assistant to help him by taking a message to her. But after a few days had passed, Emily still hadn't taken any initiative to contact Ray.    

One day, Ray had just finished recording a new song, and was ready to disguise himself and sneak into the hospital to see Emily, when the phone rang.    

Looking at the strange number displayed on the screen, Ray frowned and answered it hesitantly, deciding to rather use his manager's name, "It is Jay,"    Emily heard Ray's sour tone and thought that it would be inappropriate to bother him then. She paused. "Ray, it is me, Emily, are you busy now?"  

"Emily?" Ray's drooping eyes flashed a bit with surprise, then he took the phone and looked at the call numbers.   

 "Oh, it's you. Appears you are finally willing to contact me," Ray said, while turning his head to look around his private studio. He quickly set about recording Emily's phone number in his address book.    

"After Joyce brought your message to me today, I immediately called you. Do you want me to do something for you?"

    Emily's soft voice came slowly over the phone, but Ray seemed not to hear it, and he kept staring at the phone screen in silence.    

Looking at the three syllables of "Emily" in the name column, Ray thought about it. Finally, the three syllables were deleted and reduced to leave the "E" character, and another "E" was entered, which became "EE".    

Emily's name always reminded Ray of Amiee. Amiee was the name of his gray British short-hair cat. Emily's big, beautifully round eyes were like those of his cat in his home.  

"Ray, are you still there?" There was no sound on the other end of the phone, and Emily called his name again.   

 Thinking that Ray is a super star, who is usually very busy, Emily snorted and then asked sarcastically, "Am I disturbing you?"    

"No!" Ray replied quickly. After saving her phone number, Ray answered and shut the studio door.    

He had waited for Emily for so many days, and now, finally, she had contacted him herself. Even if he was busy, he would make time to take her call.   

 Ray leaned back on the couch and wistfully looked up at the white ceiling. "Emily... Have you recovered?" he asked.    Emily heard Ray's greeting and glanced down at her own bandaged feet, wondering how it was that Ray knew about it.    

She thought it might have been Joyce who told him, and she pouted. "It doesn't matter; it's just it will be good to stay in hospital and rest for a few days."  

Fortunately, Ray knew that Emily's injury was not serious or life threatening, and the corners of his mouth twitched into a smile as he teased her. "Oh, it is lucky for you that you're not going to be bored,"    Ray added in jest.    

Emily didn't know why Ray was acting like this. He had wanted her to contact him, and now played aloof once she did.    
She took a deep breath and tried to control her temper. "Thank you for your "kind" words. I am not bored yet."    

On the other end of the line, Ray uttered a low chuckle, "Now that is for the best, I'm sure."  

  She really didn't know why he was acting like this. As if she was really bored, Emily rolled up her eyes, and suddenly realized that Ray, as a little boy, must have been a bit rebellious in his childhood.    

"By the way, have you thought about how I am to pay you back?" Emily asked, gnashing her teeth.  

She believed that now that Ray had deliberately asked Joyce to bring a message to her which required her to take the initiative and contact him, he should have already considered it, or at least planned his desired outcome.   

 Emily's words seemed to have been squeezed out from between clenched teeth. Ray could even imagine her appearance as she grit her teeth at him. His eyes floated upwards with a smile, and reaching out a hand he painted in the air, "I haven't thought of it."    

'The words of the man is casual enough, ' Emily thought stunned. "Then... when I am completely recovered, I will invite you over for a meal?"    

Ray hadn't thought about it. Why did he get Joyce to bring her his message? Did he just want to ask her if she had recovered or not?    

"Let's discuss it another time, but I don't want a meal." Ray was never interested in Emily asking him over to have a meal together. What was more, he now had a chance to make Emily listen to his words. How could he waste that on just a meal invitation?  

Emily was unaware of the desirous thoughts in Ray's heart and couldn't help but blink. "Then what do you want? Is there anything you wanted to do recently that needs my help? I will try my best to help you," Emily replied sincerely.    

"There is one thing that I want, and you can indeed help me with it."   

 Suddenly thinking of something, Ray's hand paused mid-air, and his eyes hardened dangerously.    

Jacob threw a punch right on his face that day. He hadn't had a chance to get back at him yet!   

 Emily didn't notice that Ray had heavily stressed every syllable of the word 'indeed'. She realized that she was thirsty from the lengthy conversation and leaning forward took a cup of water from the side table.   

 "You can tell me."   

 After she had taken a few sips, there was still no reply on the phone for quite a while. Emily drank some water and raised her brow. "Ray, why don't you talk to me?"  


Ray's voice was slow, and dark on the phone, and it sounded like it came from hell. From the devil himself!    

"Divorce from him. Divorce Jacob, now!"    

Surprised, Emily choked on the water in her mouth which she hadn't had time to swallow yet, and she sprayed the contents into the air as she gagged on the liquid. "Ray! Are you crazy?    

Why would you ask for that?" Emily looked at the sheets that were now spotted with droplets of water, and she quickly set the cup down and wiped the bed with a soft towel.   

 "Emily?" At the same time, Jacob's voice sounded outside in the ward.    

Why was Jacob here? Emily knew that Jacob didn't approve of how much contact she had with Ray. She quickly wrapped up the conversation on the phone, "You don't want to think about such things. Let's do this for the time being. You think about something I can help you with and then tell me. I have to go now."  

After saying that, Emily did not wait for Ray to answer, but immediately hung up her phone, and then hid it underneath her pillow.    

Looking up at the man who entered, Emily tried not to look guilty. "Jacob, what are you doing here? Sam said that you had an important meeting to attend."   

 "The meeting finished early, so I came here. Who were you talking to just now?" Noticing Emily's wet sheets, Jacob frowned and pressed the bell for the nurse's station.    

He did have a lot of important meetings over the past few days. But when he thought of Emily alone in the hospital, he would have liked nothing more than to move the office to the hospital so that he could keep her company and take care of her himself.    

If Sam didn't stop him, he would have done it already.    

"Nobody. I just accidentally messed some water." Emily offered him a perfunctory grin.  

Jacob thought of the sound of her choking that he had just heard from outside the door. Thinking that she might be startled by his sudden appearance, he said, "Next time I won't show up so unannounced."    

Jacob could tell from her actions that she was scared. Why else would she explain having spewed forth water? One thing was for sure. Emily would never let Jacob know what Ray had said. Emily pouted and secretly bit her tongue. "This was an unexpected accident. Just an accident."    

"Right, I heard Sam say that the company had experienced some trouble recently? Don't you want to share the news with me?" Emily carefully shifted the topic.  

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