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 Season 8

Episode 69

(Doctor Tyron fang)

"Dr. Tyron said I'd better stay in the hospital so that he can observe the wound better,"  Emily said, the corners of her mouth turning down into a frown.   

 In fact, she knew that Jacob didn't want her to stay at the hospital for even a second longer. But since a doctor had personally said for her to stay, how could she still insist on going home for recuperation?    

Upon hearing the doctor's name, Rita's mouth hung open in surprise. "Dr. Tyron? He is your attending doctor?"  

  'Just a while ago, the two nurses outside seemed to be talking about someone. Could they have been talking about the same Tyron or was is just coincidental?' Rita thought to herself.   

 "Yes, what's wrong? Do you know him?" asked Emily, stunned that Rita seemed to know something about Dr. Tyron Fang.  

Emily knew nothing about Tyron. This was the first time she met this doctor. She was only slightly surprised when she knew that such a young man was her doctor in charge.    

However, after finding about his excellent medical skills, she filled with admiration rather than skepticism.    

"No. Some gossipy nurses here talking about him before I came in here,"  replied Rita.    

As she thought about the two nurses and the fact that Dr. Fang was Emily's chief doctor, Rita shook her head slowly. "You know what?" she asked Emily as she handed a peeled orange to her, "I think Jacob better bring you a different hospital."   

 'This hospital is crowded and annoying. It surely is less comfortable than any private hospital.'   

 "And, if may ask,"  a voice suddenly boomed from behind, "why do you say that my patient should go to a different hospital? Does my medical skill make you family members uneasy?" Tyron heard what Rita said as soon as he arrived at the door of the ward. He held the spectacles and walked into the middle of the room.  

"Dr. Fang! Why are you here?" Emily asked. She was in between bites of the orange Rita had given her.   

 'Didn't he just check her injury a few minutes ago?' thought Rita.   

 Tyron's eyes fell on the orange in Emily's hand, his eyes twinkling. "I forgot to tell you something about your supposed diet,"  he said, matter-of-factly.   

 'My diet?' Upon hearing this, Emily froze, and looked down on the orange in her hand. "I... But it's my leg that's hurting. Is it necessary to pay attention to my diet as well?"    

"Of course,"  replied Tyron flatly, pushing his glasses up his nose. "Pull one hair and the whole body is affected. It's the same for hands, let alone legs."   

 After that, Tyron did not give Emily the chance to speak, and began bombarding her with the things she should and shouldn't do.    

"... Can you remember everything I just said to you now? Family member?" Tyron asked Rita with smile.  

What he said last made both Emily and Rita confused. Thankfully, Rita was able to recover and respond before the silence got awkward. "Dr. Fang, can you print these notes into a piece of paper?" she said with a hearty laugh. "Just so that we won't forget anything."   

Her response stunned Tyron--he never thought she was this clever. And so, he couldn't help but let out a laugh of his own. "Of course, I'll have a copy printed by the nurse when I get back. But I still want to ask, why did you suggest that Emily should go to a different hospital?"    

"Dr. Fang, I am not questioning your medical skills,"  Rita explained coldly, not expecting that he would still pursue this matter. "But the nurses in your hospital are really annoying. Emily needs a quiet and comfortable environment."    

"Annoying? Why do you say that?"    

Tyron pressed, his brows knitting in interest. For all the years he had worked, it was the first he had heard of nurses being so annoying that a patient would opt to be transferred.  

What Rita said also confused Emily. "Rita, what happened to you?"   

 Emily knew Rita well. It was a known fact that Rita would not care much about others unless they were going too far.    

Just then, Beryl spoke up before Rita could answer. "Those nurses outside were bad. They spoke ill of my mommy."    
With her lip quivering, Beryl climbed up a chair to hold onto Emily's hand. Then, she rested her tiny head on it. "My mommy is the best mommy in the world. No one is allowed to say a bad things about her."    

"They spoke ill of me?" said Emily, not making sense of what had happened.    

"Yes. Well... The nurses in this hospital are so idle that they like to discuss the privacy of patients behind their backs." Rita's lips curled up to a sneer. 

Remembering those two women talk badly about Emily made her clench her fist in rage.    

'What they really want to say is that Emily had seduced Jacob, the rich man, by hook or by crook.  

But if they only knew Emily, they would find out that she is a real lady from a noble family.'   

 Tyron probably guessed what Rita wanted to say, and there was a flicker of gloom in his deep eyes, "Okay, thank you for telling me this. But you don't have to transfer. I'll handle everything."    

Emily and Rita looked at each other. The man's firm words implied that he was going to do something to those nurses.  

  "In that case, I have nothing else to say. I've heard that you're young but crucial doctor in this hospital. I hope you can try to restore a healthy atmosphere here,"  Rita eventually said.  

  "I have to go." Before leaving the room, he gave a quick glance towards Emily and Beryl. With a slight grunt, he then stormed out the ward.    

"Emily, do you think Dr. Fang is weird?" whispered Rita, looking around to see if anyone would hear them.  

Just that moment, Rita felt that Tyron's eyes were very strange when he looked at Emily, as if there were some hidden emotions in his eyes. It was just that she really couldn't pinpoint it just yet.    

But Emily just shook her head. "No. I mean he's such a young, established doctor. But other than that, he's like anyone else."  

  'Tyron seems to be like an ordinary guy. I mean, he's like any other doctor I've ever had in my life, ' thought Emily.    

"Maybe I'm just overthinking it." sighed Rita, clicking her tongue.    

Meanwhile, Tyron had just returned to his office. The moment he stepped in, his phone rang.    

Seeing that it was an international phone call, he hurried to answer it. "Aunt?"    

A middle-aged woman's voice on the phone went through the receiver. The voice of the woman was hoarse and sad, "Tyron, have you found her?"    

Tyron thought of the woman in the ward, and took a deep breath out. "Yes, she is in my ward now,"  he said.  

"What? Did she get hurt? Is it serious? Can your uncle and I go and see her?" 

Hearing that Emily was injured, the voice at the other end of the phone was full of anxiety and worry, as if she was anxious to get off the phone and come to Emily's ward.    

Gripping the phone a little righter, Tyron sighed heavily. "Aunt, you're going to scare her off if you do that. Didn't we agree that we were going to do this step by step?"    

There a pause for quite some time, and only the woman's light breathing could be heard. Finally, she let out a soft sigh of her own. "Fine. We will listen to you. But please make it happen soon, will you?"  

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