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 Season 8

Episode 68

(Mommy's face)

After leaving Emily's ward, Tyron reached inside his jacket and took out a photo that he had been keeping in his pocket.  

  "That was definitely Emily,"  he muttered to himself. The woman smiling in the picture looked exactly the same as the woman in the ward.   

 'If Emily saw that I'm carrying a photo of her around, she'd be really surprised, ' Tyron thought. As he looked at the picture, a smirk appeared on his face.    'It was a pity Emily didn't know me before.'    

While he was deep in thought, a nurse came up to him. "Doctor Tyron, the phone in your office is ringing,"  announced the nurse.   

 In a swift movement, Tyron calmly put the photo back inside his pocket. "Okay. Thanks,"  he nodded to the nurse.  

As he made his way to his office, two nurses standing by in the corridor huddled together and gossiped in low, hushed voices.    

"God, Dr. Tyron is so handsome and polite! He's like the perfect English gentleman!"    

"I know, right? That's exactly what I was thinking as well! But why would such a highly acclaimed doctor want to work in our hospital? I've heard a lot of first class hospitals from all over the world wanted to hire him."    

"I don't know. But judging from the way he dresses and carries himself, I can tell that he's loaded. Maybe rich people from this generation have different dreams than that of ordinary people."    

"Yeah... I've read in fictional stories that rich, handsome men usually disguise themselves as ordinary people. Maybe Dr. Tyron is the president of a company who's really hiding his true identity."    

"Do you know who that Emily is? The one who's staying at the VIP ward? I heard that she was seducing Dr. Tyron..."  

The two nurses kept babbling to each other. Little did they know that another woman was standing nearby.    

"What are you talking about?" the woman shouted at them. Beside her were her two children.    

The woman was Rita, and she could not help interrupting them when she heard they were gossiping about Emily.    

The nurses jolted with surprise. "Oh! I'm sorry!" one of the nurses exclaimed.    They turned and faced the woman, who was already glaring angrily at them. 

"Can... can we help you?" one of them stammered.   

 "I'm looking for the girl you were just gossiping about. Emily,"  Rita said coldly.   
 "Have you considered the consequences of gossiping here? If Jacob or Dr. Tyron knew what you have said, what would happen to you two then?"  

  'I think they aren't that dumb to get in the way of two powerful men, ' Rita thought to herself, 'Maybe then they'll stop talking about Emily.'  

With that, Rita stared down the two nurses for another second, and then turned around to take Dylan and Beryl to Emily's ward without waiting for their answer.   

 On her way to pick up Dylan from school, she learned that Emily was injured and hospitalized, so she also picked up Beryl to come see Emily.    

"Mommy!" Beryl rushed into the ward as soon as she saw Emily lying in bed.    "Beryl? Why are you here?" Hearing Beryl's voice made Emily's eyes widen in surprise.    

Just now she said to Jacob that she missed Beryl and asked him to pick her up. She didn't expect to see Beryl so soon.   

 "You can thank me later for picking her up,"  Rita said as she walked in after the kids. "What on earth happened to you?"   

 She frowned as she examined the bandages on Emily's foot. They had only seen each other a couple of days ago--she couldn't imagine how this could happen to Emily.  

"Rita, good to see you,"  Emily said with a big smile. She took Beryl's hand and watched Rita come in.    

"I came as soon as I heard the news." Dragging a chair beside the bed, Rita sat down with an air of arrogance. "You're so lucky that you're a regular visitor here at the hospital,"  she said mischievously.    

The smile on Emily's face disappeared, and she let her gaze fall to the floor. "It's not like I want to be here all the time,"  said Emily sheepishly. "I guess I just have rotten luck, and I just can't stop bad things from happening to me."    

Hearing what Emily said, Beryl was very sorry for her and touched her face with her tiny hands. "Mommy, are you hurting? Would you like Beryl to blow your wound to make it feel better?"    

When Beryl was much smaller, she you fall down or trip most of the time. Emily would blow the wound, and then the pain would magically go away. Beryl was so afraid that Emily was in a lot of pain, and she wanted to do help out her mommy.  

Beryl's concern deeply moved Emily, making her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.    

"No, baby. It doesn't hurt. Your mommy is very strong,"  Emily petted and smoothed Beryl's hair.   

 Before, Emily was worried that Beryl would cry when she found out she was in hospital. Then she realized that Beryl was stronger than she thought.    

"Hmm... Mommy, wait for one minute,"  exclaimed Beryl, suddenly remembering something. She took off her schoolbag and fished around inside.   

 For a moment, Beryl was absorbed in retrieving what she was looking for. She then stood up straight, her face deep in thought. Then, she went over to Dylan's schoolbag and picked it up.    

"Beryl, what are you looking for? I'll help you,"  said Dylan as he looked over her shoulder. He was trying hard to please Beryl in front of Rita and Emily.  

"Then give me back what I gave to you last time,"  Beryl said, holding out her hand to Dylan.    

'What did Beryl give me last time?' thought Dylan, his brows knitting together on his forehead. Then he remembered that Beryl had recently given him an amulet.   

 'That's Beryl's first gift for me. Do I really need to give it back to her?' he thought with a frown.    

Dylan took his schoolbag from Beryl and hugged it to his chest. "Beryl, are you sure you need it?" he asked, embarrassed, "Besides, I didn't bring it with me."    

Right then, his face flushed guiltily.    

"Are you sure? I saw you take it out in the car a while ago. Give it to me. I have to take it to my mother." Striding towards Dylan, Beryl grabbed onto his bag and tried to take it away from him. When Dylan wouldn't let go, she tugged on it harder.   

 Upon hearing that the amulet was intended for Emily, he immediately bowed his head and took it out of his schoolbag. "Then I'll give it to Aunt Emily."  

He hurried to Emily's bed with the amulet.   

 Rita was chatting with Emily at that time. When she saw him approach, she stopped. "What is it, Dylan?" she asked, "Do you have anything to say to your aunt?"   

 Dylan smiled and nodded. He handed out the amulet to Emily. "I want to give this to my aunt."   

 "Aunt Emily, Beryl and I want to give you this amulet. It will bring you good luck and protect you from evil or injury,"  said Dylan, beaming as he looked up at Emily.    

A second later, Beryl walked up to him. "Dylan, why are you saying to my mommy that this came from the both of us? This gift was only supposed to be from me."    

"Well, how else do you expect me to impress my future mother-in-law..."    

Before he finished, Dylan realized that he had made a mistake and quickly put his hand over his mouth. At that moment, his mother knocked him on the head and said, "You brat, did you get that idea from your father? Aren't you afraid your Uncle Jacob will beat you into a pulp?"  

Rubbing his head, he looked at Beryl for help. "No, Beryl will protect me!" he exclaimed.    

"You..." Looking at her son's naive appearance, Rita felt quite amused, and didn't know what else to say.   

 Emily was also overjoyed with the two children, and felt a lot of warmth instantly in the quiet ward.   

 "Rita, you don't know how boring it is to stay here alone. You have to come and accompany me more,"  said Emily as she held onto Rita's hands.   

 When Emily was in hospital, Joyce accompanied her at first. Later, Jacob came to stay with her. However, she felt bored when Jacob had to leave her alone in the ward.   

 Rita was surprised to hear Emily's request. "Ah? Are you going to stay in the hospital for long? I thought Jacob would let you go home for recuperation."    

Rita had this thought because Jacob was used to Emily staying with him. 

According to the extent of Jacob's concern for Emily, he would certainly like to take her home for rest, as long as she didn't need an operation.  

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