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 Season 8

Episode 65

(The gossip between Ray And Emily)

Emily had to figure out where the fake news was coming from.    

Just as she set up her laptop, the phone began to ring. As it turned out, Jacob was also on the hunt for the source of the black news.   

 "Jacob? What's up?" Emily asked softly.    After a moment, she heard Jacob sigh. 

"Have you heard the news?"    

Of course, she knew what he was talking about. Absentmindedly, she started walking slowly toward the window overlooking the busy street below.    

"Yes, I saw it in the paper. But… it's utter nonsense!" her tone was truly sullen.    

"I see. I'll have my men try to control the media over the Internet. At the very least, the latest reports have already been deleted. I'm sure the aftermath can't worsen. I hope you're not too distracted by this,"  he tried to comfort her. 

Although he was helping her out, it was difficult to read his voice—Emily couldn't tell whether or not he was angry.  

"It's still unclear who's behind this. But I think I will pick him out soon. Don't worry about it."    

All Emily needed at that point was security. She thought herself was very lucky for having such a supporting husband. It meant the world to her that Jacob wasn't trying to interrogate her during such a vulnerable situation. 

   "Emily? Can you hear me?" Jacob asked in concern.  

 The silence on the other end made him start to worry.    

After a while, Emily smiled quietly before speaking, "Jacob, don't you really want to know what happened between Ray and I? Why won't you ask me?"    

"I don't need to because I trust you. I'm ready to listen to you whenever you want to share the truth with me,"  he gently replied.    

However, even though he chose to trust Emily, he would never in a million years trust Ray. All the rumors had to be his doing and Jacob would never let him get away with it so easily. With that thought, Jacob narrowed his eyes and focused his ferocious gaze on the image of Ray on his laptop.  

A gust of happiness swept through Emily, knowing she could let herself feel secure and warm in Jacob's company. 

Her delight was evident on her face. 

"Thank you for your trust, dear. Just wait and I'll explain everything at the right time!" she giggled.    

Emily's cheerful reaction was rather infections. Jacob felt the coldness in his heart melting away and the corners of his mouth turning up at the sound of Emily's laugh. "Silly girl…  What on earth are you thinking, now?" Jacob asked.    

"Nothing!" she answered with a wink. Turning back in her seat, she happened to see the image of the magazine cover lying on her desk.    

It was Jacob. Somehow, he seemed to stare at her no matter where she went. 

The image made Emily feel quite delighted. With that, she decided to tell Jacob the truth as soon as possible.   

 "Jacob, nothing happened between me and Ray. Someone pushed me that day so I fell down. That was really all that happened. The picture doesn't tell the whole story.  

 Someone knew this would easily mislead the public and did it on purpose,"  she explained.   

 It wasn't news to her that Jacob was a jealous man. He would envy any other man who showed their appreciation to her—he cared too much for her. Knowing that, she had expected Jacob to lose his temper as soon as he saw the picture. 

But much to her surprise, he was completely calm and gentle toward her, not even snapping at her once. Having a husband who trusted her with all his heart made her the happiest person on earth.    

Hearing that Emily was pushed down, though, made Jacob's eyebrows furrow in concern. His attention shifted on to that.    

"Tell me, who pushed you?" Jacob asked eagerly. "How dare he?!" Being the kind of person he was, he couldn't allow anyone to hurt Emily.    

Jacob's reaction to that came as a surprise to her and she wondered why he would be so concerned about this trifle instead of the picture. "I don't know…but I guess it wasn't intentional. Why does it matter? Shouldn't you focus on the source of that picture?" Emily replied in confusion.  

Why would Jacob be so interested in a man who just happened to bump into her? Should he focus all his energy into clearing up the fake news? It was a rather weird reaction from him.   

 "Of course, I will dig up the truth. But I will also find that bastard who pushed you first. I assure you that anyone who attempts to hurt you in any way will come to no good!" he firmly stated.    

Of course, Ray was Jacob's first target. Now, the person who pushed Emily down was added to his growing revenge list. 

   The couple's conversation didn't last long because Emily had to head back to work. Jacob was left thinking to himself when Sam entered his office.    

"Did you find out who's behind it?" he demanded.    

With a nod, Sam handed Jacob two files. "The mystery is brought to light, now. 

Another design director in SL Jewelry did that. She hired a hacker to gain access to the company's monitoring system. 

Here's his profile and the remittance record,"  Sam reported.  

"And the complete monitoring record has been recovered by professional technicians. It records the whole process, including Mrs. Gu and Ray's interaction. It proves that Mrs. Gu is completely innocent. Here you are,"  he continued.    

As Jacob listened to Sam's report in silence, he pulled out the videotape and turned it about in his hand. After a moment, he asked, "What's the name of that design director?" 

 "Her name is Vivian Huang. I already called the police and submitted sufficient evidence."  The material Sam had collected was enough to keep the woman behind bars for a while.    

"Okay, I understand. Thank you, Sam. I believe you know how to proceed." As he put the videotape back on the desk, he stood up. "Here is another thing. I want you to watch the video carefully and find out who pushed my wife. You know how to deal with him. Alright?" Jacob added.    
Taking the videotape, Sam replied shortly, "Yes, Mr. Jacob!"  

Before Sam could leave, Jacob stopped him. "Wait, Sam. Let's go to meet with Ray, first."    

About half an hour later, they arrived at the office building.    

Although Jacob had a high reputation in Sky Entertainment Group Limited, he seldom visited the company himself. 

When executives of the company heard the news from the front desk, they immediately suspended their meeting to welcome the man.   

 "Mr. Gu! What brings you here? On behalf of all the company's staff, please allow me to extend our warmest welcome!" the head of Sky Entertainment Group Limited kindly greeted their guest. Naturally, he went over to Jacob and extended his hand for a handshake.    

Without acknowledging the intention to shake his hand, Jacob coldly asked, "Is Ray in the company now?"    

The man awkwardly pulled his hand back in, not daring to expose himself. Then, he turned to his secretary and gave Jacob a hind, "Mr. Gu, I think he's here. Would you—"  

Before he could finished, Jacob strode forward inside the building without any other word. Sam looked at the man and the secretary and said, "Mr. Jacob is here to discuss something with Ray. Mr. Chen, we can talk about our cooperation next time." He then followed Jacob inside.  

  As he watched Jacob and Sam's retreating figures, the man called up Mr. Chen, still not fully recovered from the fear. Forcing himself to calm down, he turned to his secretary, "Inform Ray's agent immediately! Delete all the tidbits about Ray and Mr. Gu's wife from the Internet. It's attracted enough attention from the public and I don't want to see the situation go too far. Remember, don't leave any traces. Mr. Gu can never find out the truth."    

Unsurprisingly, the exposure of that picture put Ray and Emily on top as the hottest topic in the Internet buzz. Mr. Chen had gotten what he wanted. 

Promoting the stars under his company was always the best way to attract more cooperation opportunities. For Jacob, though, it was a complete disaster. It was no mystery why Jacob was visiting.  

Ray's agent, Brook, was informed by Mr. Chen's secretary before Jacob's arrival so he could prepare to face the man.  

  "How are you, Mr. Gu? It's been a long time since we met." Adjusting his glasses uneasily, he forced a smile for the guest.   

 With an ice-cold look and stern voice, Jacob bluntly asked, "Where is Ray?" without so much as a greeting.    

Knowing that Jacob only really cared about Emily, Brook understood that Jacob's visit didn't come with friendly intentions. After a pause, he responded, "Well, Ray was out for a promotional film. I'm afraid you're a little unlucky with the timing. If there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to let me know. I will relay your message later."   

 "He was out? Really?" Jacob sneered. Frowning, he fixed his gaze on Brook as if it would help him see through his tricks.    

Having worked for many years in the entertainment circle, Brook had turned out to be quite a sophisticated man.

Knowing that Jacob was a difficult person to deal with, Brook contemplated on how to respond. "Brook, I think you're well aware of the severe consequences of lying to me."  

In all the world, Emily was perhaps the only one who dared to lie to Jacob without facing the consequences.

Hearing Jacob's suspicion, Brook felt anxiousness creep in. Eager to explain, he said, "Mr. Gu, you wronged me. You're the leading investor of our studio. How could I dare cheat you? I swear I'm telling the truth. Ray's out working for a promotional film,"  Brook's voice quivered.    

Seeing that Jacob didn't intend on inquiring any further, Brook sighed in relief, wiping off the sweat on his forehead. Luckily, he was wise enough to arrange for Ray to head out for the promotional film as soon as the news broke out.    

"Well, I have enough time to wait for him,"  Jacob easily sneered.    

With a glance at Brook, he stepped back into the office.  

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