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 Season 8

Episode 64

(To start a rumor is not too much trouble)

"God damn it!"    

A loud scream echoed from the office as a load of heavy objects were thrown to the floor. The assistant nervously stood aside and watched the angry Vivian. Her lips were tightly shut as she didn't dare to say anything that would further enrage her superior.   

 "Tell me why…  Why does Emily get what she wants?"    

How come Emily married a better man than her own, was richer than her, and now even took credit for her supposed achievements? Why? Wrath consumed Vivian as her chest heaved up and down with staggered breaths. Then, she pointed silently at her assistant.    

The assistant was shocked so she quickly agreed, "Yeah, Director Emily didn't get the contract herself. She jeven took the credits for our team's achievements without contributing anything!"  

As long as the assistant thought of the fact Vivian told them about how their team's achievement for the quarter should be given to Emily and her team, resentment also filled her mind.    

Suddenly, she remembered something and walked towards Vivian with an unreadable expression. "But to be honest, Director Vivian, I heard that the relationship between Director Emily and Ray from Sky Entertainment Group Limited is complicated,"  she murmured.    
When the assistant stood back up, there was an ambiguous look on her face as she fancifully said the last two words of her sentence. Vivian's eyes narrowed into slits. She seemed to have gotten the meaning and asked, "Where did you get this information?"    

Who was Ray? He was well known in the whole country and majority of the people liked him, so it was possible that Emily got acquainted with him through business. But if the relationship was complicated, it meant there was something else, wasn't there?  

'I heard it from someone in Director Emily's team just a few minutes ago. They chatted in the tea room, so I heard it,"  the assistant answered. A clandestine smile graced her lips.    

When Vivian called her to the office a while ago, she happened to pass by the tea room. Coincidentally, Emily's staff were talking about matters that concerned the project cooperation. She didn't expect to have heard some exciting news by a mere coincidence.    If it had come from Emily's team, they could test if it was true or not. Vivian's eyes glinted with satisfaction. Suddenly, she become interested in the matter. "What did they say? Tell me. The more details, the better,"  she said.   

 "It was said that Ray had willingly cooperated with Emily and took the first initiative. When Emily met Ray for the first time…" The assistant bent towards Vivian's ears and whispered the words. However, when it came to some vague details, she told it in her own way to make it a bit exaggerated.  

Thus, the truthful version of the gossip was twisted to a certain extent which was way beyond Emily's imagination.  

  On the next day, Emily felt that the people in the company looked at her differently than before when she arrived at work, but she couldn't tell what was wrong.    

Their team was just awarded the best-performing team yesterday, so what was up? She thought about it for a while as she went to her office. As soon as she reached the doors, Joyce was there and nervously pulled her inside.    

"Director Emily, have you checked the messages in the company's intranet this morning?" Joyce asked seriously. Her voice was hushed as she closed the door.   

 "Not yet. Why do you all look like some disaster had happened?" Emily laughed as she took off her coat. It seemed that even Joyce wasn't spared from everyone who acted odd today.    

Usually, Joyce greeted her with a smile when she arrived--but she too, acted quite strange.  

"Then you definitely didn't know about it."  At that moment, Joyce pulled out a newspaper clipping and put it on Emily's desk. Her face turned into a worried expression.    

On the other hand, Emily raised her eyebrows and glanced at Joyce. "What news?" she said then picked up the news clipping.    

"Breaking news! Citizen-favored fresh meat secretly met with a married woman in midnight!"   

 When Emily had finished reading the entertainment headline on the newspaper's first page, she simply gave it back to Joyce. "Was it just some gossip about Ray? Why are you so surprised?" she asked casually.    

"I'm sure this news is fake. Ray is just a boy and hasn't even finished his studies yet, how could he think to have a relationship with a married woman?" Emily added.    

She briefly recalled the times she met with Ray before, and he had always been a stoic person. It was hard to imagine that Ray was the man mentioned in the headline.  

"Oh, no. Director Emily, I didn't ask you to read the headline, but to read the content and to look at the photo!" 

 Joyce then gave the newspaper clipping back to Emily when she saw that her boss didn't appear concerned about it, but was worried about Ray. She suddenly felt anxious for Emily.   

 "What's wrong with the content and the photo?" Emily asked in surprise. Was it some evidence of whatever they had done during those times?    

Her nimble fingers picked up the news clipping again as she spoke to continue reading. When she saw the photo, her body froze from top to bottom, and she couldn't think of anything. It was like someone took her brain away.    

The photo on the paper was taken from an elevator surveillance camera video. It showed a man and a woman sprawled together on the floor in a rather ambiguous position.    

Although the two people's faces in the picture were covered with mosaics, it was clear enough for others to recognize that the man in the photo was Ray.  

As for the woman on top of Ray, if one knew Emily--they would've easily recognized her. The headline even printed the words "a married woman" in red ink to catch the readers' eyes.   

 It never occurred to Emily that someone would use a photo from where she fell on Ray by accident. On that day, she was just looking for Ray's agent so they could talk about the cooperation. She didn't expect that it would be a breaking news.  

  "Who wrote this news?"  That was so ridiculous.   

 It was a long time before Emily had recovered from the shock, then she took a deep breath and read through the whole article without pause.    

"I believe you, Director Emily, you couldn't be this kind of person. I have investigated this for you. This news was submitted anonymously, and the newspaper office was not willing to provide any information on the author." 

Emily looked quite calm which made Joyce a bit relieved. Then she continued, "However, Director Emily, the picture of you two without the mosaics had been circulated online."  

That morning on Joyce's way to work, she casually bought a newspaper in the store after she saw the news. Then she went online to check if it had made the rounds. She never expected that the people of the Internet were so fast that they had already posted the uncensored photo. The whole country could've known by now that the woman in the photo was their Director Emily.   

 "Well, I see. I will deal with this matter by myself. You'd better not say anything about it in the company."  Emily's face was peaceful as she handed the news clipping back to Joyce. Then, she turned on her computer to check what kind of information they had talked about her online.    

Meanwhile, Joyce took the news clipping back and pressed her lips, as if she wanted to say something but eventually restrained herself. "Director Emily, the people in the company might have already known about this news, as I've heard someone talk about it in secret. You really don't want me to help you explain this to them?"  

"Explain? Even if you have a hundred mouths, you will not be able to make an explanation,"  Emily sneered coldly. Such things like pouring dirty water and spreading nasty rumors could only be done by those who didn't mind causing a bit of trouble.   

 Only when the mastermind behind the rumor was caught and given a violent punishment, and then regain her good reputation would Emily be able to release her anger.  

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