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Season 8

Episode 63

(I won)

After she returned to the company the following day, it was a surprise when Dina's agent came to her for the contract signing.

When the two parties signed the document, Emily could finally sigh in relief knowing that both of her contracts had already been settled.

The contract in her hand felt heavy somehow, and she took a deep breath to suppress her excitement.

"Director, does this mean that our team's task is considered complete?" Emily's assistant was ecstatic. As Joyce followed Emily out of the building, she was on cloud nine the whole way through.

As far as she knew, Director Vivian still had an unsigned contract which was supposed to be signed within that day. This contract happened to be only a few hours ahead of Director Vivian's team.

"Yes, we did it," Emily answered. Her husky voice seemed to clear up just as her eyes began to sparkle.

After a moment, she said, "Send this contract to Manager Dave. I still have things to take care of so I'll head back to my office first."

Quickly, Emily returned to the office to share the news with Jacob.

It would seem that she hadn't been that happy since the day she got married.

The phone rang for quite some time before a low voice answered. "Emily?" Hearing Jacob on the other end of the line, Emily was suddenly stunned speechless. As she racked her brain for a way to share the news to him, she absent-mindedly drew circles on the desktop screen with her finger. A moment later, she said to him, "Jacob, I was thinking about inviting you to dinner tonight. What do you think?"

The offer put Jacob in a good mood. With a laugh, he said, "Let me guess, you've snatched the partnership with Dina's studio?"

The others in the conference room around Jacob looked at him curiously as he laughed into his cellphone, and thought, 'What made him changed his mood so quickly?'

An infectious peal of laughter ran down the phone. With a smile, Emily asked, "How did you know?" It was curious how Jacob easily figured out why she would suddenly invite him to dinner.

'I made this call as soon as I returned to the office. Dave shouldn't have had any time to report the news to him…' Suddenly, a thought came to mind, and Emily frowned. "Do you still have me under surveillance?"

After giving the people in the conference room a look, he turned his back to the crowd and lowered his voice, coaxing Emily into the phone, "Don't misunderstand. It was just a lucky guess."

In fairness, Jacob was a clever guy, and he did know her quite well. It wasn't that unthinkable of a surprise that he would know what she was thinking. With a grunt, she said, "See you tonight, then."

Seeing Joyce enter her office, Emily ended the call.

"Director Emily, Manager Dave wants to see you in his office. He has something to tell you."

With such a bright smile on Joyce's face, Emily figured that she was about to hear some great news. As she stood up, she asked, "Has he seen the contract?"

"Yes, Director Emily. Please describe to me in detail Director Vivian's face when you get back," she teased.

'So, I guess Dave isn't the only one who wants to see me. I'll have to deal with Vivian as well.' With a light bump on Emily's head, she teased back, "Stop gossiping and go back to work or else I'll have to start deducting your salary for all the time you're losing."

Poking out her tongue, Joyce followed Emily out of the office. Still, Joyce couldn't help but whisper, "Vivian is just too arrogant. Someone needs to knock her down a peg. I don't like her." Emily merely sighed.

As expected, when they arrived at Dave's office, Vivian was also present, wearing a stone-cold face.

The minute Vivian entered the office, she addressed Dave. "Manager Dave, I can get the contract signed by the last studio this afternoon. I'll update you as soon as the contract is taken care of." Glancing coldly and smugly at Emily, she taunted, "By the way, what can I do for you?"

"Well, I see," Dave merely nodded at Vivian. Just then, he picked up Emily's contract and placed it carefully on the table in front of Vivian.

"I witnessed your last competition. I want to see this one to the end. Vivian, this is Emily's second contract with the studio," he explained rather solemnly.

"What?" Vivian exclaimed, distraught. Her cold face turned astonished as she snatched the contract and carefully skimmed through it.

When she saw the signatures of both parties at the end of the contract, it took everything for Vivian to restrain her emotions. "Director Emily…congratulations! You really are excellent."

The word 'Excellent' was stressed with exaggeration, almost sarcastic. Vivian's compliments only made Emily feel uncomfortable. Still, she managed a soft, "Thank you."

"Please, don't be modest. Dina and Ray are both difficult to deal with. It's a feat to have gotten them to sign a contract with you for cooperation. And you made it happen. You're doing really well in your position," Vivian continued, her mouth slightly hooked awkwardly. As she put the contract back on the table, her hands were trembling as if she had to restrain herself from slamming it down on the surface.

'Our project team spend half a month negotiating with Ray and Dina's studios day and night with no progress at all. And Emily comes in here, supposedly having reached an agreement with them in a flash. It's too shady… something feels off…

I'll uncover the truth sooner or later.' Vivian couldn't help being skeptical.

Not accustomed to Vivian's politeness toward her, Emily had no clue what the other had in mind. At the very least, no one could take away her recent accomplishments. There was no questioning her professional capability.

"The people in our project team are all excellent and driven," Emily said modestly.

Jealousy overcame Vivian as she heard the words—under no circumstances did she want to see Emily win anything over her. Before Emily came along, Vivian held the spot as the company's top performer. Now, she felt too much like a failure.

"Yes, Director Emily. You won."

In Vivian's head, 'But I will never give up, ' turned into a soft mantra.

Vivian's lack of display of anger, doubt, and dissatisfaction came as much of a surprise to Emily—she was anticipating a rather destructive reaction. Vivan's calm performance was good for everyone.

After all, they were colleagues of the same company. If they couldn't get along well, the company's development could be affected.

"Well, since Emily's team won this time, the quarterly results will be shared equally among Emily's team members to motivate them," Dave announced. Seeing Emily and Vivian interact like civil human beings was more than satisfying for him.

'Emily is my boss' wife and Vivian is a competent subordinate. I can't offend either of them. It's rough being a mediator of these two.'

"Manager Dave? I…" When Vivian head that quarterly results would be owed to Emily's team, Vivian's eyes widened.

Though she couldn't get it out right away, Dave knew what she wanted to say—he waved the comment away, signaling her to stop talking. "Naturally, a game must have rules. A strict system of rewards and punishments has to be implemented for the company to run smoothly. Isn't that right, Emily?"

Ignoring Dave's fawning face, Emily calmly said, "It's up to you."

"Okay, then it's just as I said. Vivian, work harder next time. You'll get it eventually," Dave said with a smile. Without answering him, Emily waited a moment before getting ready to leave. "If there's nothing else, I should get back to work," Emily excused herself before leaving the office.

"Manager Dave, why do all the merits and achievements belong to their group? What about ours? Even if our group didn't win, we've completed two contracts for the company as well." As soon as Emily was out of earshot, Vivian grabbed the edges of Dave's desk with both hands with a grip so tight that her knuckles turned pale.

"Our project team had to deal with three studios. That's more than Emily's load. Why does she get all the credit?" Vivian grumbled in frustration.

"Don't you know that those three studios are the easiest to cooperate with?" He looked at her with a stern, disappointed expression.

"Vivian, I thought you would get those contracts this time. I never expected you to disappoint me. All the rewards they receive will be part of your group's punishment."

"No! Emily has been relying on intimate relationships to secure cooperation with those studios. She's been taking shortcuts! It's too unfair. Our team didn't lose. Why should we get punished?"

Vivian was distraught, feeling like Dave had cheated her team.

No longer interested in arguing her, Dave stood up. "Wake up, Vivian. Is it really that terrible to admit defeat? If you have useful resources for your job, you should use them. No one can stop you from doing that."



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