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(Do You Dare to Hit Me? (7)

“Oh no, I’m just coming back for a prenatal check-up,” Huo Mian smiled and said.

“Ah, look at my memory, I almost forgot about your prenatal check-up. Let’s go arrange it for you.”


Huo Mian nodded and continued walking with Little Bean.

“Little Bean, do you want to eat something?”

“No thanks, Auntie, I just ate with Mommy at the pizza shop,” said Little Bean in a nice tone.

“Then how about Auntie gets you a cup of water?”

“Okay, thank you Auntie.”

Whenever Little Bean went out, she always had good manners, which made Huo Mian quite content.

After entering, Little Bean sat down on the couch and started playing on her cell phone.

Huo Mian sat in front of her office computer and browsed through some recent data related to the hospital.

It wasn’t long before Chen Jie came back and said, “Chief, everything’s all set, the OB/GYN Department said you can go over there now”.


“Chief, do you want to know the gender afterward?” Chen Jie had a mysterious grin.

“Eh… I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Huo Mian knew that there were strict rules that prohibited her from knowing the gender, for fear that some families would abort the unborn baby after learning that it was a girl due to their strong preference for a boy.

So many innocent lives lost their chance to come to this world because of this.

“No big deal, we’re really just looking at the gender. No matter if it’s a boy or a girl, we won’t abort it, then it can’t count as against the rule,” whispered Chen Jie.

At this moment, Huo Mian was a little bit tempted.

Then she nodded and followed Chen Jie, together with Little Bean to the OB/GYN department. She started with a urine test and blood work, then got a blood pressure test, and last was the ultrasound.

Huo Mian lied down on the examination bed carefully.

“Deputy Director, it will be a little cold, please hold on a bit,” the female ultrasound physician gently reminded.

“Don’t worry, just go ahead.”

The physician carefully rolled up her dress and put some ultrasound gel on her.

Then she started moving the ultrasound probe around on her belly. It was a miraculous feeling.

Maybe the baby was scared, it suddenly moved like a little fish inside Huo Mian’s belly.

“Hah… I think it was startled,” the female physician chuckled and said.

“Yeah, it might be a little confused and not know what’s going on.” Huo Mian was also laughing on the bed.

“Auntie, what is Mommy doing?” Not far away, Little Bean was standing there and looking at her mom doing prenatal checkups on the other side of the glass with a confused look.

“Mommy is getting some checkups for the little baby.”

“Even now? Isn’t it not even born yet?” Little Bean was confused.

“Even inside the belly, you can see the baby’s health condition.”

“Wow, that’s magical! And so cool, I want to be a doctor too when I grow up,” Little Bean said seriously.

She still remembered that last time when grandpa visited, he taught her a lot of interesting things.

At that time, grandpa complimented her, saying “our Little Bean really has the talent to become a doctor”.

And now, even Little Bean started to feel that being a doctor was a really noble job.

Especially after saving a lot of patients, on seeing patients reuniting with their families, wouldn’t you feel accomplished?

After entering Mommy’s office, Little Bean saw lots of pennants in her mommy’s office.

These must be given by the patients because judging from her mom’s personality, she would never hire someone to write those things.

“Auntie, my mommy is a really good doctor right?”

“Of course! Your mommy is really famous at our South Side Recuperation Center. Lots of patients who don’t really belong to our hospital, after hearing about your mommy somewhere, would request her to perform the surgery for them. A lot of them even tried to gift your mom a lot of things, some even offered gold bricks. But she didn’t accept any.”

“That’s for sure. Just those gold bricks, who cares? Our family is really rich okay?” said Little Bean proudly.

“Hahaha, but this is not the emphasis. What’s more important here is that our deputy director is really honest okay?”

“Yes, my mommy said that ‘A noble man earns his wealth in a proper way’, so if that money doesn’t belong to you, you can’t accept it,” said Little Bean.

On the other side, the female physician looked at Huo Mian with a meaningful look and smiled, “Deputy Director, I saw the gender of your baby.”


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