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(Finally Found You (11)

“I asked if you’re hungry,” Huo Mian repeated.

“Oh… I’m okay.” John didn’t know how to answer her question.

“But I’m hungry. Take me to a diner and grab us a bite, okay?”

“Okay. Do you want to eat at a Chinese restaurant?” John asked.

“No. I don’t want to catch attention. Just find a fast-food shop and buy a hamburger.”

“No problem.”

They rode in a bus for a long while and got off; entering a fast-food restaurant, they sat down.

“You may go and buy food. I want a hamburger, Coke, and fried chicken. Then buy something for yourself.”

Huo Mian handed a 100-dollar bill to John.

“Take the change and go back by cab.”

“Miss Huo, how about our antidote?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll give it to you after eating.”


Taking the money, John got up and went to the queue to buy food. Since John was a white guy, Huo Mian’s appearance in the restaurant didn’t catch much attention. Only a few people glanced at the oriental woman.

While John was waiting in the line to get food, Huo Mian carefully took out a small vial from her sleeve.

She got a bottle in the restaurant and diluted the water in the small vial with a big bottle of clear water.

John looked back at her and was relieved when he saw Huo Mian was diluting the antidote.

Aware that John was watching her, Huo Mian smiled and didn’t speak.

In fact, the content in the small vial was also water, and she just diluted it to make John think it was the antidote.

The truth was that those guys who got the soul-eater grass poison were not in critical danger. The symptoms would be gone in one week after the consumption of large amounts of water.

But Huo Mian wouldn’t tell them that, and they would never guess it.

Huo Mian’s style of doing things was quite similar to Lu Yan’s because they all had the guts to make an attempt even though they were not certain of the results.

Plus the ability to remain super calm before the crisis, most of the people would choose to believe them.

Lu Yan could even fool Ian, which showed how strong her mentality was.

John came back with food and placed the platter on the table.

Huo Mian picked up the hamburger and Coke and began to eat without saying a word.

“Miss Huo.”


“Um… Why doesn’t the centipede bite you?” John had been wondering about it all the way here.

“Because it likes me.”

John: “…”

“Miss Huo, don’t lie to me. I don’t buy it.”

“Don’t dwell on why it doesn’t bite me. I have my ways, but if you dare to mess with me, I’ll let it bite you. You’ve seen what happened to Matthew, right?”

“No, I don’t want to mess with you. I just want to go back safely with the antidote.”

“Here it is.” Huo Mian pushed the water bottle to John.

“How do we take it? Any instructions?”

“Each of you, drink a mouthful. Then… in the following week, drink 20 glasses of water and do 100 pushups each day.

“Um… We have to do pushups to remove the toxin?” John looked surprised.

“Yeah, exercises will help your body filter out the toxin faster.”

“Oh, I see. Thank you, Miss Huo.” John put away the bottle of water cautiously, afraid to lose it on his way back.

Huo Mian had the urge to laugh. In fact, the guys were fine now; after all, she didn’t put lots of toxin in the water, but the guys were frightened when they saw the symptoms on their skin.

Drinking 20 glasses of water each day would indeed help them remove the toxin from their bodies faster, but 100 pushups were just a joke on them.

After all, Huo Mian had no sympathy for Huo Siqian’s men…

“Miss Huo, I’ll leave then. What do you plan to do here? You’re a woman from another country without a passport. Without an ID, it’s hard to live here even if you have money. The cops here in Australia are very tough…” John reminded Huo Mian.



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