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(A Woman Appeared on the Bed (6)

“You’re back?” The woman turned around and looked at Su Yu, supporting her head with her right hand and looking like the mistress of the house.

Su Yu was even more confused.

Did he enter the wrong house? Impossible. This wasn’t a townhouse, but a detached house on a land which was hundreds of meters in diameter.

It was impossible for him to enter the wrong house.

“You… You… Are you a human or a ghost?” Su Yu stood at the door, terrified.

“Damn it… Of course, I’m human.” The woman was piqued.

“Lady, this my home. How did you get in? You broke into a private house. If I call the police, you’ll face years of imprisonment. If you don’t want to end up in a cell, get out of here now…”

Su Yu was used to living alone and was nonplussed when a woman suddenly appeared in his home.

If it was a man, he’d have walked up and given him a good beating.

But he couldn’t hit a woman. So, he only issued an angry warning.

“Hey! How can you talk to me like this? Do you think I’d break into your home? I don’t need your money. Anyway, you don’t have any valuables to steal; you don’t even have a painting worth more than 10 million yuan.”

“Damn it… How can you look down on me? I don’t like famous paintings… Even one box of wine in my house is worth more than 10 million yuan. Woman, did you come from the countryside? Or are you a crazy housemaid?” Su Yu said.Update by Listnovel.com

“What? Do you have such expensive wine? It must be from a good year. I won’t believe you until I show it to me.” The woman licked her lips.

“Who do you think you are? You want me to show it to you? Get out of here now or take the consequences.”

Su Yu tried to kick her out.

“I won’t get out. I’ll live here as the madam from now on.”

“I didn’t facking say I’m selling the house,” said Su Yu.

“I didn’t say I wanted to buy this damned house…” The woman smiled.

“Shut up. Get out now before I toss you out.” Su Yu tried to suppress his fury.

“Haha! Everyone says you’ve got a had temper, and now I know the rumors are true. No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend even though you’re over thirty… What a foul temper.”

“Hay! I say…” Su Yu was enraged.

At this moment, his cellphone rang.

He glanced at the caller’s number and hesitated for a moment before answering.

“Hello, Yu…”

“Hi, Aunt.”

“You’re not in bed yet?”


“Then… are you home now?”


“Did you see the gift I sent to you?”

“Gift?” Su Yu was stupefied as if he was struck by a lightning bolt.

“Hello? Are your there, Yu?”

“Don’t tell me the thing on the bed is your gift,” Su Yu asked.

“The thing? She’s a beautiful girl, right?”

“How can you call her beautiful? I thought she was a ghost. Aunt, are you crazy?” Su Yu yelled over the phone.

“Calm down, kid, and let me finish. Zeng Rou is a good girl, the most elegant girl of all the daughters of the officials in the provincial government. She graduated from Fudan University with straight ‘A’s. With a major in financial management, she will be able to help you manage the company. I talked about it with your parents and your grandpa, and they have no objections. She told me she’d like to tour C City and didn’t want to stay in a hotel, so I think she can stay in your place for a few days since you have many rooms. During her stay, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know her better. What do you think, my nephew? Are you surprised? Are you pleased?”

When his aunt asked the questions playfully, Su Yu almost exploded in fury.



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