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(Do You Dare to Hit Me? (9)
“When did it happen?”

“Just now.”

“Where’s the wound?”

“His eardrum. It was poked through by something like a stick,” said Gao Ran.

After hearing it, Huo Mian took a deep breath.

“But I don’t really know about eardrums. I can’t do the operation.” Huo Mian panicked too.

“You don’t need to perform the surgery. It was just that the jerk demanded to see you. If you don’t come, he’ll decline the surgery. He wasn’t cooperative at all. Sigh. And you also know that due to his sensitive identity, Qin Chu and I can only imprison him temporarily so he can’t die but also can’t be known by my superiors. After all, this is complicated.”

Gao Ran already knew that it wouldn’t be easy taking over the troublesome Huo Siqian.

But he had been best buddies with Qin Chu for years. If he didn’t help him, who else would?

Now that this happened, it really was frustrating, but he also couldn’t just die this easily.

“First Hospital, right? I’ll go over right now.”

“Okay, we will wait for you here. Please be fast Huo Mian.”

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After hanging up the call, Huo Mian called Yang over.

“Young Madam.”

“Yang, please look after Little Bean for me. When President Qin comes out, have him take over watching the kid. I have something urgent to take care of. I will come back to pick her up later.”

“Okay, want me to call a car for you?”

“No need, thanks. I brought a chauffeur and bodyguard with me.”

“Little Bean.” Huo Mian knelt down and patted Little Bean’s head.

“I know. Mommy, you go take care of your work. I will be here following Uncle Yang and waiting for Daddy to come out.”

“Okay, Mommy will come to pick you up later. Be good.”

“Yes.” Little Bean knew to judge the situation. Seeing her mommy being in such a rush, she nodded tamely.

Fifteen minutes after Huo Mian left, Qin Chu came out from the meeting.

Once he saw Little Bean who was sitting outside playing phone games, his eyes got a softer look.

“Little Bean, why are you here?”

“Daddy, you are out?” Little Bean immediately put down her phone and got picked up lovingly by Qin Chu.

“President Qin, Young Madam came over before.”

“Then where is she?” Qin Chu looked around but didn’t see Huo Mian.

“She saw that you were in a meeting so she said she would wait outside for you. But then she picked up a phone call and it seemed like something urgent, so she left and asked me to look after Little Bean and hand her over to you once you were done with the meeting. She will come back and join you later.”

“Oh okay.”

After that Qin Chu carried Little Bean towards the office.

“President Qin, regarding the proposal just now, I have two points that I would like to add…” the marketing manager caught up from behind and said.

“Tell me about it later,” said Qin Chu calmly.

The marketing manager was confused.

“You are so unobservant, didn’t you see Miss Little Bean here? Leave him alone and tell him later when he’s free.” Yang waved these people away.

Qin Chu carried Little Bean into his big office.

“Wow. Daddy’s office is so much better! Big and pretty! Also cool! Not like Mommy’s little storage room.”

On this summer day, suddenly having access to cold air conditioning, Little Bean felt so happy.

“What’s wrong with your mommy’s office?” Qin Chu intentionally teased her.

“It’s small! I don’t understand because my mommy is already a deputy director, and there are so many patients at South Side, they should be really rich. Why would they only give mommy a little office like that?”

“It’s all because your mommy has a bond with that office and refuses to move out.” Qin Chu had no way to change his wife’s preference either.

“If I were Mommy, I would definitely make a whole floor my office. The whole hundred square meters are all mine.”

“Then I don’t think you are going to work but going to enjoy life instead,” laughed Qin Chu.

“Oh by the way, Daddy, give me ten thousand.” Little Bean reached out her hand.

Qin Chu was immediately speechless.


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