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(A Woman Appeared on the Bed (7)

Su Yu’s aunt Su Yumei wasn’t his aunt by blood. She was adopted by his grandpa from a relative but was also treated like a real daughter.

Grandpa Su loved her very much and raised her as his own daughter. She had lived in the old manor of the Su Family and was on good terms with Su Yu’s parents. After Su Yu was born, she had taken care of him for years.

After Su Yu joined the army, she married a man in the capital city of the province and had seldom returned.

Due to Grandpa Su’s connections, the man Su Yu’s aunt married was now a top figure in the provincial government while she was a high-level official in a bank.

With their two kids in high school and the ninth grade respectively, they had been busy and seldom returned.

A few months ago, Su Yu’s mother called Su Yumei and complained about Su Yu’s single status.

Trying to help, Su Yumei found this girl for Su Yu.

But the girl took things into her own hands by taking a key to Su Yu’s house from his mother.

Then, she entered the house and even went onto his bed…

“Aunt, I’m truly surprised…”

“Indeed! I told your mom not to worry and you’d like her.”

“Yeah. I like her very much and will entertain her well. Goodbye.”

He spat out the words through his clenched teeth and hung up the phone.

Then, he tossed his cellphone onto the floor with a snap, startling Zeng Rou.

Furiously, Su Yu pulled at his tie, appearing to be extremely annoyed.

“See? I told you I didn’t break in… Aunt Su asked me to come here,” the girl said brazenly with support from Su Yu’s aunt.

“I’ll give you ten seconds.”Update by Listnovel.com

“For what?” The girl was puzzled.

“Get out of my house… Now! Or I’ll toss you out from the fourth floor. Do you believe me?”

“Fourth floor? Haha! I won’t die if I fall from the fourth floor; the most I’ll get is a broken leg. But if my leg is broken, no one will marry me. Then Su Yu, you must keep me for the rest of my life…”

Su Yu: “…”

“Do you know how shameless you are?” Su Yu glared at her.

“I know how brazen you are. Seeing I’m scantily dressed, you keep staring at me. That’s brazen of you,” said Zeng Rou with a smirk.

Hearing her words, Su Yu’s face paled in fury and then he turned his face away from her.

“Hahaha! What? Are you shy? Don’t worry, I’m generous and won’t ask you for money for staring at me. Oh, by the way, tell me the wifi password; I’ve wasted lots of my data… And I’m hungry since there’s nothing in your fridge. Can you order takeout for me? I want hamburgers, French fries, and iced coffee with no sugar. Thanks.”

Su Yu raised his head and took a deep breath to suppress his urge to kill her.

Did heaven send this woman to torture him? What the heck?

“Are you Zeng Rong?” Su Yu suppressed his fury and asked her.

“No. My name is Zeng Rou. Rou means gentleness. You don’t look old, but your hearing is poor. Do you have trouble hearing words in your left ear or your right ear? Aunt didn’t tell me that. If you have a hearing problem, you must tell me now, so I can decide if I’ll marry you or not. It might have an impact on our children.”

As the girl mumbled to herself, Su Yu almost went crazy.



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