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(A Woman Appeared on the Bed (8)

“Shut up! If you say one more word, I’ll kill you…” Su Yu was desperate.

“You have hypomania?” The woman pointed at him.

Not able to bear it anymore, Su Yu picked up his cellphone and dialed a number.

“An, come up.”

In less than one minute, An broke in.

To protect Su Yu, An had moved to a bedroom on the first floor a few months ago.

Getting his boss’s call, An thought he was in danger.

When he saw the woman dressed in a sexy sleeping gown on the bed, he was stupefied.

What was happening?

Did his boss call him up to have a three-player mode?

“President Su, I’m not that kind of guy,” An immediately refused.

“What are you talking about? Toss this woman out. The farther the better. Do it now.”


“Su Yu, you can’t do this to me. I’m your future wife, the woman who’ll bear your children,” Zeng Rou roared at Su Yu indignantly.

“Fu*k off. I don’t have such a stupid wife. Get out!”

Su Yu was enraged.

He had returned home in the middle of the night, preparing to go to bed after a shower; but to his surprise, this crazy woman popped up in his bed.

“Um… This young lady, please go by yourself; if you force me to help you, I’m afraid I might break your limbs,” An said politely.

“You can’t do this to me. I’m your future madam,” Zeng Rou said to An arrogantly.

“President Su, what’s happening?”

“Nothing. I don’t know which psychiatric hospital she escaped from…” Su Yu didn’t care to explain.

Not daring to delay, An picked up a bath towel to cover the woman before pushing her out of the house.

“Hey! Su Yu, you can’t do this to me. I’ll tell Aunt Su.”

The woman screamed.

“You can even tell Chairman Mao and it won’t do anything. This is my home and I can do anything I want here.”

After An brought the woman out, Su Yu pulled the sheets from the bed and tossed them onto the floor.

Taking out a new set of sheets, covering, and pillowcase, he put them on.

Then he went to bed after a shower.

He understood why his family wanted to arrange a woman for him, but she was really not his type. She was the same type as Xu Jiamin, whom his grandpa’s comrade in the army once brought to him.

Without a word, An pushed Zeng Rou out of the house and shut the door before locking it from inside.

Zeng Rou tried to unlock it with the key but couldn’t open it. Stomping her foot in fury, she had no choice but to walk away with her suitcase.

With the bath towel still draping around her shoulders, she called Su Yu’s aunt and complained to her while weeping.

This scene was captured by some paparazzi.

Su Yu’s aunt immediately called him, but he didn’t answer.

Then, Su Yu’s aunt called Mrs. Su who then called her son, but he still didn’t answer.

Su Yu was angry and turned off his cellphone.

On the next morning, a huge story blew up.

A photo of Zeng Rou standing at his door in a sleeping gown went viral on the internet.
Although her face was blurry, her figure looked good.

The photo had a title with it—Young Model Spent Night with Young Master Su in His House; Bodyguard Escorted Her Out at Midnight.

The news about Su Yu’s new girlfriend spread out quickly.

When he got up at seven, he found he had 128 unanswered calls and almost 100 WeChat messages.

He almost thought his cellphone got a virus.

He was about to read these messages when Tang Chuan’s call came.


“Finally, you answered my call, Young Master Su.”

“What’s up?” Su Yu was oblivious to the situation.

“Who’s the girl that spent the night at your house? Was she skillful? What’s her background? How come you’ve never mentioned her before?” Tang Chuan bombarded him with questions.


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