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(A Woman Appeared on the Bed 9

“Where did you hear this gossip?” Su Yu was exasperated.

“Huh? You don’t know?”

“Know what?” Su Yu didn’t understand what Tang Chuan meant.

“Damn it! You indeed don’t know it.”

“Stop the nonsense. Get to the point.”

“I won’t tell you. Just read the news. Haha! I’ll come and meet you at your home.”

“I’m going to work in a minute.” Su Yu’s face fell.

“Then I’ll go and see you at Imperial Star. Hahaha!” Tang Chuan’s laugh sounded creepy and he hung up before Su Yu could reply.

Su Yu opened the news and was stupefied when he saw the headline.

A young model spent the night with him? The bodyguard escorted her out? What bullshit was this?

Su Yu decided to ignore the news. After all, many actresses in Imperial Star had used all kinds of methods to get him, including such clumsy candid pictures. Jian Tong and Zhao Qingya had both played this trick on him.

It was really no big deal.

Taking a glance at it, Su Yu tossed his cellphone to one side and had breakfast with An.

An was quite useful as he took on the duties of a housemaid; the breakfast he made had improved a lot.

Su Yu spread butter and honey on his bread and forked up a roasted sausage, biting into it with gusto. He had a good appetite.

“President Su…”

“Yes?” Su Yu looked up at An.

“The woman last night… Who was she?”

“How would I know?” Su Yu looked innocent.

“But she had the key to the house… Our community is well-guarded and it’s impossible for her to make a copy of the key. When I kicked the woman out, she yelled that she had a key and could enter anytime. I was scared and locked the door from the inside.”

“Smart.” Su Yu pointed his fork at An to show his appreciation.

“But then I realized that she’s not an ordinary person if she has a key to the house…”

“Yeah. My aunt sent her to me,” Su Yu said airily.

“Huh? Your aunt sent her to you?” An had met Su Yumei only a few times, but he knew she was a big figure in the province; she and her husband were both high-level officials.


“It seems your aunt is eager to see you married.” An chuckled.

“But she can’t send me such a woman. I’m not a keeper for homeless cats or dogs…” Su Yu said mockingly.

“Ha! But I think that girl is quite interesting; she has a unique personality.”

“Are you interested? You can have her.” Su Yu glanced at An faintly.

“No, no, no! I don’t want her. I can’t manage such an… unique girl. Only you can manage her.”

“Don’t flatter me. After breakfast, we need to get to the company early; I’ve lots of work to do today. By the way, remind me of the lunch appointment with Pudding. I’ll take her to the stock exchange.”


They finished breakfast and went to the headquarters of Imperial Star, brushing off last night’s incident as insignificant.

But the whole thing changed suddenly when the woman in the news opened an account on Weibo with the name “The Female Protagonist that Spent the Night at Su Yu’s House”.

She posted a comment, “The ill-intentioned people can stop spreading rumors. The guy named Yu isn’t gay; his bedroom skills are quite good.”

Instantly, the post blew up on Weibo and became a trending hashtag; the topic remained hot.

– At South Hill Manor –

“Mom, is someone spreading rumors about Handsome Su?” Little Bean tugged at the hem of Huo Mian’s dress and asked.


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