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(Do You Dare to Hit Me? (6)

“What the heck are you thinking in your little brain?”

“Don’t be shy Handsome Su, you’re a man after all so of course, you have your needs. But if you call ‘delivery’, you’d better be careful.”

Su Yu was speechless.

What Pudding said was beyond her years, which made Su Yu not know how to respond.

“Whatever, even after I tell you, you guys won’t understand me.”

“Then we have a deal?”

“Fine, Little Boss Qin, we’ll cooperate.” Su Yu wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

Here Pudding was eating teppanyaki with Su Yu while a lot was going on with Huo Mian and Little Bean in the South Side Recuperation Center.

“Deputy Director, you are back?”

“Deputy Director, good afternoon, I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Deputy Director, your baby is already four or five months old right?”

“Is this your older one or the younger one? So cute.”

After Huo Mian came back, the doctors and nurses all came over to say hi to her and her daughter.

Little Bean didn’t really like being surrounded and watched like an animal in the zoo.

They all didn’t know the truth but just assumed Huo Mian was on leave due to her pregnancy.

After all, the first three months were critical.

“I haven’t been back for a long time, is everyone alright?” Huo Mian smiled.

“We all miss you so much, Deputy Director. We’re not used to you not being here. Director Wu came back a few times but it still didn’t feel the same as when you were still here.”

“You guys go back to work first, I need to go to my office to grab some documents. I’ll be back to talk later.”

“Okay, Deputy Director. If you need anything, let us know.”

Then, everyone started leaving.

Huo Mian held Little Bean’s hand and walked upstairs.

“Mommy, they seem to respect you a lot.”

“Yes, but do you know why?” asked Huo Mian.

“Because you are the leader?”

“Not just because of that.”

“Then it’s because you are rich and they look up to you?” asked Little Bean.

“Also not right.”

“So… it’s because they think Mommy has a good relationship with everyone and is also nice looking?”

“It’s not related to appearance. Your mommy is not Brigitte Lin, why would the appearance matter?” (TL Note: Brigitte Lin is a very beautiful Chinese celebrity)

“Then I don’t really know,” said Little Bean with her lips pursed.

“In fact, the reason why everyone respects Mommy is that Mommy has professional ethics and will focus on saving people’s lives first.”

“Okay, that’s why.” Little Bean seemed to understand a bit but not totally.

Huo Mian’s contributions to South Side over the past few years were widely recognized.

A lot of patients who were sent in as an emergency were still alive now thanks to Huo Mian’s prompt decisions.

There was even one time, after being operated on after a car accident, a man was healed but left the hospital without paying the outstanding balance.

Huo Mian took out her own money to cover the expenses. Everyone else felt bad for her and wanted to distribute a share as well, but Huo Mian said that since she was the leader, she had the most responsibility.

All those things, no matter big or small, were the reasons that everyone respected her.

“Little Bean, remember what Mommy said, in your lifetime, you don’t have to be a goddess or a noble. You don’t have to leave a good reputation like Lei Feng or be a famous philanthropist that goes down in history, but you have to be a kind person.”

“I know that Mommy. As the first line of Three-Character Canon goes, ‘Man on earth, good at birth; the same nature, varies on nurture’, isn’t it?” Little Bean recited very quickly.

“Yes, exactly. Mommy doesn’t expect you and your sister to grow up to make huge achievements or contribute to society with great ideas. I just hope you two can be good people, and stay safe and sound. No matter what you do, you should do it with peace in your heart and not harm anyone.”

“Wow… It sounds so complicated. Although I don’t really understand, everything Mommy just said is correct and I will definitely listen to Mommy.” Little Bean nodded understandingly.

“Director, you are back for work already?” Chen Jie was surprised but also excited to see Huo Mian in front of the office.


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