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(Do You Dare to Hit Me?)

“Auntie, it’s no longer news. All the people on earth know about it.” Pudding glanced at her aunt hopelessly.

“Um… That’s embarrassing. I thought you didn’t know.”

“That’s big news. Everyone knows it,” Pudding said.

“Ha! Tang Chuan just called me about it. He was surprised and said he would go to Imperial Star to interrogate Su Yu and get to the bottom of it.”

“Tang Chuan is so nosy to dig into such a personal issue. With Su Yu’s personality, he’d tell us if it was true.” Huo Mian chuckled.

“I’m just curious about what kind of woman could gain Su Yu’s favor. No, I’ve got to see her Weibo.”

As Qin Ning logged onto her Weibo, she saw Zeng Rou had more than 100,000 follows.

With as many as 60,000 comments under her post, she was as popular as an A-list movie star.

It seemed Su Yu was an influential figure in the city and a target of gossip.

At this moment, Zeng Rou sat in a coffee house and was enjoying iced coffee mocha on this hot summer day.

While watching a pop-corn movie, she had verbal fights on Weibo.

Su Yu’s true fans couldn’t stand her and flooded the screen with comments.

“This woman is a bit*h. Verified.”

Zeng Rou replied, “If I’m a bit*h, then your entire family are bit*hes.”

“What’s happening? Why would President Su like this insignificant internet celebrity? My goodness! Who can tell me why?”

Zeng Rou replied, “Your mom asked me to tell you that this girl is not an internet celebrity. You thought too much, kid.”

“Shameless woman. You are just after clout. Disgusting.”

Zeng Rou replied, “Sorry. I’m not so young as to crave fame. I only want money, not fame.”

“You seduced Handsome Su shamelessly just for money, bit*h.”

Zeng Rou replied, “Yeah, I’m shameless, but I got the money; I’m better than those shameless people who have no money. I don’t deserve the name “bit*h” because I’m not as bitchy as you are. I like the fact that you don’t like me but can do nothing about it. Haha! If you can, come and hit me.”

Zeng Rou was a girl with a strong mentality. She wasn’t angry when people railed at her; instead, she enjoyed bantering with them and found it fun and thrilling.

“Waiter, bring me another coffee mocha with ice. Thanks.” Zeng Rou was in a great mood.

Among the cursing comments, some people remained neutral and sincere.

“I think the girl is quite good; at least she helped Handsome Su clear his name of all those gay accusations.”

Zeng Rou replied: “You’re welcome. Please call me Lei Feng.” (Note: Lei Feng was a guy whose name is the equivalent of performing good deeds selflessly)

“Hahaha! You’re funny. No wonder Handsome Su likes you.”

Zeng Rou replied, “You flatter me. But I’m not a boring girl. I intend to improve on my skills of being funny.”

“I’m surprised that President Su found new love so soon; I thought he still loved Dr. Huo.”

Zeng Rou replied: “It’s not so soon. Su Yu had been lonely for a long time as a single dog.”

“Yeah. Dr. Huo is an excellent woman and deserves to be Young Master Su’s true love. I can’t accept that he fell in love with another woman.”

Zeng Rou replied, “Nothing is worse than immorality. Dr. Huo seems to have her own family, and I don’t think you want Su Yu to be the third wheel, right? So, kids, wake up! We’re in modern society and can only have one wife or husband. Please abide by our country’s laws.”

“Hahaha! This woman is fun. I’m your fan now and will follow your updates. Keep it up!”

Zeng Rou was about to reply to this comment when her cellphone rang…

She picked it up and pressed on the answer button before putting on the earpiece.


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