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(Do You Dare to Hit Me? (5)

“Yeah. I’m quite interested in it. I checked and found it doesn’t need a big investment since the actors are not well-known. Including the production, I think 30 million is enough to cover all the costs. They are looking for funds; I think we can split the cost. What do you think?”

“15 million for each of us isn’t much. But Pudding, you must realize that the box office is not guaranteed. Not to mention her, even Nie Lingxuan, an A-class star, can’t guarantee a high box office with each of her movies. So, it’s a risky business.”

“Every business venture has certain risks. If I was afraid of the risks, I’d just put the money in the bank and earn interest”

Before Su Yu could reply, she continued, “But I’m afraid the interest rate can’t even catch up with the inflation rate.”

“Kiddo, you know much more than an adult, but you’re right.”

“What do you think of the plan?” Pudding asked Su Yu earnestly.

“I think 15 million is too much for your first investment in the film and television industry. How about this? I’ll put in 25 million and you invest 5 million; we’ll split the profits equally.”

“No. We are talking about business and I don’t want you to take care of me. After all, I’ll face the world alone sooner or later. Captain Su, you can’t take care of me all my life, right?”

Pudding’s words stunned and convinced Su Yu.

“Okay. You win.”

“Great! It’s settled then. I’ll transfer the money from my company account to your company. You take care of all the operations, but I have one request.”

“What is it?” Su Yu thought the girl would ask him to help increase the screen share or do promotion for this movie to make sure that she could make money.

But he was wrong.

“Little Bean and I want to play small roles in it.”

“Huh? You want to play roles in it?” Su Yu was even more surprised.

“Yeah. I read the script. In the story, a pair of kids are snatched and sold; then the heroine rescues the kids and falls in love with the cop who cracks the case. Little Bean and I want to play the kids.

“But… your mom won’t like it.”

Su Yu had heard Huo Mian mention that she didn’t want her children to be exposed to the public view, not to mention entering the entertainment circle.

“I can persuade my mom and dad. You just need to give your consent.”

After all, Su Yu was Imperial Star’s boss and could handle this small issue with ease.

“Well… Okay. But don’t upset your mom. She’s now pregnant,” Su Yu instructed her.

“Handsome Su, you’re being unfair; you’re favoring my mom even when you’re talking with me…”

“Um. I’m not…” Su Yu felt a bit awkward.

“My dad will be jealous if he knows about this. Get a hold of yourself.”

“Um… That’s not what I meant. I was just saying that we should try our best not to upset your mom since she’s pregnant. After all, protecting pregnant women is our priority.”

“Fine. You don’t have to explain. I understand you.”

“You understand nothing, little kiddo.” Su Yu smiled in resignation.

Then, the waitress brought in their dishes and they enjoyed their lunch.

As low-profiled as Qin Chu, Pudding seldom posted updates on her Moments.

But Little Bean was different and would post everything, even a thing as small as eating ice cream.

At the end of the meal, Pudding suddenly asked, “About the girl who spent the night in your house; who is she?”

“You said you’d not ask. But you can’t control your curiosity, right?” Su Yu smiled vaguely.

“No. I’m just curious what kind of woman would go to your house and spent a night there.”

“She didn’t spend a night at my house; I kicked her out at midnight,” Su Yu explained immediately.

“So, is she a hooker you paid?” Pudding asked earnestly.

Su Yu almost spewed out blood and died on the spot…


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