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(Do You Dare to Hit Me? (4)

“I’m sorry, Xixi. I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

“I know. Sis, we grew up together; I know you well.”

“Um, I’m just in a bit of a mess.”

“I know. Sis, let’s not talk about it. I’ll go out with you and do some shopping. You’re rich but have no chance to spend the money. I’ll buy some new clothes for myself and my baby.”

“No problem, I’ll buy clothes for you.”

“And for my Rick.” Xixi chuckled.

“Really? Your man is very rich, right? You want me to pay for his clothes?”

“But you’re my sister; I have the privilege to get you to pay for things for us.”

“Okay, okay! Your majesty, let’s go shopping…” They left the apartment.

In fact, Xixi didn’t want her sister to buy her stuff; she just wanted to distract her sister from the news about Su Yu’s new girlfriend. Obviously, it was a big blow to her.

Tang Chuan badgered Su Yu for a whole morning but couldn’t get anything out of him.

Su Yu just had nothing to tell him except that the woman was called something Rou and his aunt sent her to his house.

He couldn’t even remember the girl’s looks.

At noon, Pudding walked in, escorted by Qin Chu’s chauffeur and bodyguards.

Little Bean had gone to South Side with Huo Mian.

“Whoa. Pudding is here to interrogate you.” Tang Chuan gloated.

“Do you think our Pudding is as nosy as you are?” Su Yu gave him a dirty look.

“Humph. Your Pudding? Don’t flatter yourself. Pudding belongs to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law; when she grows up, she’ll become Old Wei’s daughter-in-law.”

“Get out of here. Don’t stand here and hurt my feelings…” Su Yu looked at him in disgust.

As Pudding walked in, Tang Chuan said slyly, “Pudding, interrogate your Handsome Su! Ha!”

Without a word, Pudding walked to stand before Su Yu.

“President Su, can we go and have lunch now?”

“Let’s go, kiddo. What do you want to eat?”

“Teppanyaki,” said Pudding.

“No problem. We’ll have teppanyaki.”

Su Yu stood up and glanced at Tang Chuan. “Do you want to come with us?”

“No. I have a date with Ning to eat salty fish and pancakes in a farmhouse restaurant.”

“Okay. Go and have your fish. Pudding and I must go now.”

“Okay. Let’s go down together.”

Coming out of the building, Tang Chuan drove away while Pudding and Su Yu drove to a well-known teppanyaki restaurant in the city.

The restaurant looked classy with Japanese-style decorations.

In a private room, Su Yu poured a glass of water for Pudding.

“Do you also want to ask me about that thing?”


“Whoa. That’s not like you…” Su Yu chuckled.

“I’m not as nosy as Little Bean.”

“Very good. Our Pudding is a sensible girl.”

“Handsome Su, the procedures for the company transfer are completed, right?”

“Yeah. I’ve stored the documents in my company. If you want them, I’ll have them delivered to you.”

“No. You keep them for me.”

“Don’t you want to tell your dad and mom about it?”

“They will know when the time is right.”

“Having taken over such a big company, what do you want to do with it? After all, there are many employees in the company and you must do some business to feed them,” Su Yu asked.

“I thought about it and decided to invest in films and television while speculating on the stock market.”

“Oh? You want to invest in films and television?” Su Yu looked interested.

“Yeah. I want to work with your company. I noticed a new actress in your company; she’s not very pretty but has awesome acting skills. I’ve followed her updates for a long time and watched two web series of hers. I noticed she has been working on a comedy with a senior comedian and is looking for investors.”

“You are interested?” Su Yu was surprised that Pudding knew about this information.


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