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(Do You Dare to Hit Me? (8)

To be honest, even though Huo Mian was really calm before, after hearing her ask, she started to feel nervous.

“Ah… so is it a boy or a girl?”

Because of the separation of the glass, Chen Jie couldn’t hear what the female physician told Huo Mian.

Once Huo Mian came out, Chen Jie immediately walked up and asked, “So is it a boy or a girl?”

“Take a guess?” Huo Mian smiled mischievously.


After the check-up and everything seemed fine, Huo Mian took some reports of the check-up and left with Little Bean.

“Mommy, so are you going home now?”

“Not yet, why don’t we go to the company to look for Daddy?”

“Yay, sure! I’m not ready to go home for my nap yet. Why don’t we get sister here too? I just called her, she was with Handsome Su and they just finished lunch too.”

“Sure, then let’s have An drop off Pudding here.”

Huo Mian seemed to be in a good mood and directly hopped onto the Mercedes RV after walking out of the hospital.

Ever since she became pregnant, Qin Chu wasn’t a fan of her driving by herself.

One time, Huo Mian couldn’t hold it anymore and said to Qin Chu, “Honey I’m fine driving by myself! I’m not dumb!”

“No, I’m worried about other dumbos on the street messing with you.”

Just this one sentence made Huo Mian not know what to say.

Later on, she just gave up the idea of driving by herself. No matter where she went, she was accompanied by bodyguards and drivers.

– At some secret prison in C City –

Huo Siqian was locked up in here all alone. He was eating alone, even when he came out for some sunlight occasionally, he was alone too.

He started to realize that this place was a special facility to imprison him.

“Report, Sir!”

“What happened?” A prison guard walked over and took a peek at Huo Siqian, who was wearing the prison uniform with both handcuffs and shackles on.

“I want to make a phone call.”

“You can’t.”

“But even criminals sentenced to death have the right to make a phone call to their family, why am I not allowed?”

“This is the order from above, I’m not really sure.”

“Then just tell your upper level that I need to make a phone call. Who’s your upper boss? Gao Ran right?” Huo Siqian seemed to have guessed it too.

“Don’t waste your effort. Just stay here and repent.”

It seemed like the prison guard didn’t really want to deal with Huo Siqian because when he was first transferred over here, his boss had told him that this was a special criminal and he needed to avoid him as much as possible, avoid talking to him, and most importantly, not agree to any of his demands.

“Fine, I guess no matter what I say, you’re all going to ignore me.” Huo Siqian smiled.

Those who didn’t know him would probably think he was a good-tempered man.

The prison guard didn’t pay any attention to him and walked back.

Suddenly, Huo Siqian crawled down on the ground and dug up a little stick that was easy to miss from the grass.

He definitely wouldn’t be able to kill himself with it.

However, he poked this little stick directly to his left ear.

Then, a loud scream happened behind the prison guard’s back.

Upon hearing it, the prison guard immediately ran over to check and was also freaked out when he saw that Huo Siqian’s left ear was bleeding nonstop.

“Calling control, calling control. This is zone 29, prisoner 001 started self-mutilating. Please send an ambulance immediately!”

– GK Headquarters –

“Young Madam Qin? Wow, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”

Seeing Huo Mian here, Yang couldn’t help himself from becoming excited.

After the incident happened to Yang, he took a break at home for several months and after that, a lot had happened.

When Yang returned, Huo Mian had been kidnapped by Huo Siqian for a long time.

“Where is my husband?”

“President Qin is inside having a board meeting. Let me go in and let him know.”

“Oh no need. Let him finish what he’s doing. It’s fine, I’ll just take a seat with Little Bean in the waiting room and wait for a bit.”

“Hi, Uncle Yang,” Little Bean greeted.

Huo Mian’s cell phone immediately started ringing once she sat down.

“Huo Mian, can you come over to the First Hospital right now?” It was Gao Ran on the other end.

“What happened?”

“Huo Siqian hurt himself and threatened that he wouldn’t accept surgery unless he sees you,” Gao Ran sounded utterly exhausted.

After hearing that, Huo Mian fell into deep thought.


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