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(Finally Found You (16)

Hearing the man’s words, Huo Mian’s face turned cold.

Some people were just heartless; she had told him that she was pregnant, and he still wanted to harm her.

“Since you’re conscienceless, I don’t think I’ll show any mercy on you,” said Huo Mian coldly.

Seeing the small bird in his control get angry, the black guy was surprised and then smirked.

“Haha. This is interesting. I’ll see how you can escape from me. If you yell for help, no one will come and rescue you because this is our territory. Understand, ignorant woman?”

He thought the woman would fall into despair and get frightened by his words and obey him, however, Huo Mian smiled and the smile looked chilly in the dark night.

“What are you smiling about? Don’t you know what you’re facing?” The guy asked her.

“Of course, I know it; I even know what you’re facing.”

Then, the guy felt a sting on his wrist, and subconsciously loosened his grip.

Huo Mian took this opportunity to duck out from under his arm and ran to the side.

The black guy took some steps toward her but found his feet were not in his control.

“What… What did you do to me?” He was angry.

“I told you that, between us, you’re the stupid one who doesn’t know what he’s facing.”

Huo Mian had a poisonous needle at her cuff. She had soaked the needle with poisonous grass, and it was put into use today.

She sent a silent thank-you to the poisonous grass and her precious poisonous centipede from the island.

Riley and John had been curious why the centipede didn’t bite Huo Mian.

It was because an herbal scent on Huo Mian would clam down the centipede and make it obedient.

In this world, there was no absolute creature that feared nothing.

Knowing centipedes feared a certain herb, Huo Mian had found the herb and used its juice to wash her body and face.

The black guy found his arms and feet had turned numb, and crimson dots began to appear on his arms.

“What did you do to me?”Visit website our Listnovel.com

“You can just wait for your death.” Huo Mian thought the guy deserved to die since he was so heartless as to use force on a fragile woman.

“When I yell, all my pals will come and surround you; they will eat you alive.” The black guy was furious.

“I only know that I won’t give you the chance… Go, baby.”

Huo Mian released the small centipede which moved very fast; before the black guy could yell, it bit his ankle.

“Ahh…” He felt another sting. The new poison combined with the previous toxin in his body and made the black guy drop to the ground with spasm.

“You asked for it…” Huo Mian glanced at him coldly and left.

She knew this guy would die. Including Matthew, he was the second guy she had killed.

If it was in the past, she’d feel guilty and uneasy; after all, she was a doctor with the duty to save people instead of killing people, so it was hard not to feel guilty.

But now, she felt differently.

In her heart, she had only one thought, and that was to take out anyone who would try to stop her from going home, no matter who that person would be.

– In a hotel suite in a country in the Middle East –

“Master Ian, as we monitored the calls in Miss Huo’s home, we heard that she had escaped from Huo Siqian; she said she is now in Australia.”

“Oh?” Ian raised his eyebrows in surprise.



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