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(You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss (5)

“It was not bad.”

“Did you catch him?” Rick didn’t say the name, but Qin Chu knew who he was talking about.



“No. I brought him back.”

Rick: “…”

“You want to use him as bait to get a bigger fish?” Rick seemed to know Qin Chu’s intention.


“Good idea. But… it’s not easy. They are much more difficult to deal with than Huo Siqian,” Rick reminded him.

“I know.”

“Well, Bro, I hope everything goes well with you. I’m ready to join hands with you anytime. Just give me a call when you need me.” Rick lifted his beer.

He seldom showed any emotions on his face, but at this moment, he was smiling.

Surrounded by a group of people, Huo Mian felt almost overwhelmed.

“Sister Mian, do you feel any discomfort? I always feel sleepy…” said Xixi.

“Pregnant women are always like this. Don’t worry. Are you taking folic acid?” Huo Mian asked in concern.

“Yeah. We can buy everything in the U.S. Rick bought me folic acid and calcium tablets, etc.”

“Good. Can you send some of this stuff to me through the post when you go back? Things are good quality and reasonably priced over there,” Huo Mian said with a smile.

“No problem.”

“Xixi, I think you can be apurchasing agent (TL note: someone that buys in foreign countries to sell back to people in China) in the U.S. It’s a good way to make money,” Zhu Lingling suggested in high spirits.

“Um…” Xixi looked a bit awkward.

“Lingling, don’t be silly. Her fiancĂ© is loaded, and you tell her to be a purchasing agent? What are you thinking about?” Jiang Xiaowei laughed at her.

“Ahem… It’s always best to have more money. Everyone likes more money. Some of my clients love luxurious bags but can barely find any new products here. So, Xixi, you can buy some for me when you go back, and I’ll pay you. Okay?”

“Okay. I’ll go shopping when I have time.” Xixi chuckled.

“Sister Mian, when will you return to the hospital? Lately, everything is in a mess in the hospital…” Chen Jie told her in a low voice.

“What happened?” Huo Mian was surprised.

“We have a new female doctor in the OB u0026 GYN Department. It’s said she’s a niece of a high-level official in the city government. With poor medical skills, she’s quite arrogant and likes to make trouble. Everyone dislikes her but can’t do much about it.”

“Really?” Huo Mian was surprised.

“Yeah. She’s not young but not married. An old maid… Very tough.”

“Well, when I go back, I’ll see her.” Huo Mian knew she wasn’t good at confrontations, but she couldn’t allow such a thing to continue in the South Side Recuperation Center.

Previously in the First Hospital, Huo Mian had even reformed Wu Xiaoxue, who was Director Wu’s niece.

Now here came a niece of a high-level official in the city government; she’d have a task on hand.

As she returned to her normal life, Huo Mian found it was fulfilling and happy.

“Sister Mian, the company had recently expanded to many new areas. Zhixin and I talked about it and decided to make a few trips to Taiwan and sign agreements with some big clients over there.”

Excitedly, Bella reported the new developments in the company to Huo Mian.

“That’s wonderful news. I think it’s all due to your hard work, Bella. I know my brother’s abilities.”

“No, no! This time it’s really Vice President Jing that worked very hard and did a great job. He’s outstanding now,” Bella praised him.

Zhixin scratched his head shyly…

“So, when are you two going to get engaged?” Huo Mian asked very straightforwardly.



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