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(The Real and Fake Huo Siqian (10)

– At Shen Mingxi’s manor-

Because of the incident with Wei Liao, Shen Mingxi didn’t stay for the meal in Qin Chu’s house.

After coming home, Shen Mingxi entrusted Tiantian to Fang and went to work in his company.

It was a weekend and there was no school. Tiantian felt at home in Shen Mingxi’s house as if she was the mistress of the house.

To tell the truth, Fang didn’t like this kid, thinking her personality was very weird.

She had a sinister look in her eyes when she spoke.

On the TV, the reporters were interviewing Wei Ying in her newly opened shop. Seeing her answer the reporter’s question with high spirits, Tiantian turned off the TV.


“Yes, Miss Tiantian?”

“Who do you think is prettier, Wei Ying or my mom?” Tiantian suddenly asked with a cold face.

“Um…” Fang didn’t know how to answer.

She had never seen Huo Yanyan before except the pictures on Tiantian’s cellphone.

“Come on. Is it difficult to answer?” Tiantian was piqued.

“Your mom is prettier.” Fang knew if she said Wei Ying was prettier, the girl would throw a tantrum.

Sure enough, Tiantian said smugly, “I think so too. Otherwise, Uncle Shen wouldn’t have divorced Wei Ying and stayed with my mom and me. Don’t you think so?”

“Miss Tiantian, I must correct you. No matter how beautiful a woman is, she must be moral and not break a household as the other woman. It’s not right. Understand?” Fang thought this kid didn’t have correct values about the world.

“That’s nonsense. My mom isn’t the mistress… You know nothing. Before Wei Ying, my mom had been in love with Uncle Shen for a long time… The despicable woman Wei Ying used some dirty tricks to take Uncle Shen from my mom. So, it’s Wei Ying who was the other woman.”

“Miss Tiantian, who told you this?” Fang was astonished.

Tiantian looked to be about 6 years old; how could she say such things?

“I don’t need anyone to tell me. Even a blind person can see it. You’re only a housemaid, a servant. You know nothing. Don’t think you can lecture me just because you’re older than me. In this home, I’m the mistress and you’re a servant. You have no right to lecture me.”

Hearing Tiantian’s words, Fang was speechless.

She had never seen a kid acting like this. However, the girl always looked meek in front of Shen Mingxi and called him Uncle Shen sweetly. Mr. Shen was very good to her; but…

“My mom has a mental disease and may not be able to return home; but I’ll never allow Wei Ying to enter this home too!” Tiantian sneered and then turned to walk upstairs.

Fang had been mopping the floor; she paused with the mop in her hand and had a bad taste in her mouth.

The girl was so crafty at such a young age; what would she become when she grows up?

– On the deserted island –

Huo Mian studied the old cellphone in her hands.

She was regretful that she hadn’t studied hacking skills. She had once hacked into Lin Mingyu’s computer and read the secret data in it, but she had done it with a computer. Now facing an outdated cellphone without any tools, she was clueless. She wished she had studied some top-level hacking skills. If Lu Yan was here, she would probably be able to hack into the cellphone within a minute.

At this moment, faint roars came from the basement… Huo Mian stood up slowly.



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