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(The Real and Fake Huo Siqian (5)

“Big Brother…”

“Go home… Now!” Wei Liao looked very scary when he lost his temper.

“Whoa. It’s my first time seeing Uncle Wei lose it. It’s scary…” Little Bean said.

“He’s very angry, or he wouldn’t act like this.”

“Well, Sis, your future father-in-law has a temper,” Little Bean joked.

Pudding gave her a dirty look and didn’t answer.

“Auntie, go home; my dad looks really mad.” Wei Yunchu tugged at Wei Ying’s skirt hem.

“I know. Good boy.”

Wei Ying reached out and touched her nephew’s head; looking at Shen Mingxi apologetically, she lowered her voice and said, “Mingxi, I’ll go to your company tomorrow and talk with you about that thing.”


“Don’t come close to my Uncle Shen again. We don’t like you.” Tiantian put in again.

With complicated feelings, Wei Ying glanced at Tiantian and got up. “Brother, calm down. I’ll go.”

“Old Wei, what are you doing? You must force your sister to leave?” Tang Chuan couldn’t bear it anymore.

He had wanted to intervene but was stopped by Qin Ning, who thought it was Wei Liao’s family business and it wasn’t proper for outsiders to intervene.

“I did it for her own good,” Wei Liao said.

“Okay. Now that she’s gone, can we have dinner now? I’m starving.” Tang Chuan tried to lighten the mood.

“Good. Everyone, come into the dining room. Dinner is ready,” Qin Chu announced as the host.

Everyone walked toward the dining room.

Rick held Xixi’s arm as they walked.Visit website our Listnovel.com

“Xixi, how far along are you now?” Zhu Lingling asked curiously as she looked at Xixi’s belly.

Xixi was wearing a peacock blue dress of the loose Korean style; it was very fitting for pregnant women to wear.

She wore a pair of flat-heeled shoes, which showed she and Rick were careful with the baby.

“Almost three months…” Xixi smiled.

“So far along? Three months? Then it’s almost as old as the baby in Mian. You two can be in-laws, then,” Zhu Lingling continued to gossip.

Hearing the mention of Huo Mian’s new baby, everyone fell silent.

Qin Chu looked calm.

But Su Yu couldn’t bear it. Rubbing his eyes, he strode into the dining room so he wouldn’t hear the conversation between Zhu Lingling and Xixi.

“Lingling, don’t talk about Mian; people are sad to hear that…” Gao Ran reminded her.

“Why not? Mian is fine, right? She’ll be back in a few days. I’ve prepared many tiny clothes for the baby. She’s not dead; why can’t I talk about her?”

Compared with others’ melancholy moods, Zhu Lingling was more cheerful about the whole thing.

She was sure Huo Mian was fine and would come back, so she had no qualms to talk about her.

“Auntie Lingling is right. My mom will be back in a few days…” behind them, Little Bean said sweetly.

As everyone walked in, Shen Mingxi stayed at the door with Tiantian.

Pudding noticed it and her hand halted in Qin Chu’s hand.


“Yes?” Qin Chu looked down at his daughter.

“Look, Uncle Shen looks as if he doesn’t want to come in,” Pudding informed her dad.

Qin Chu looked back.

Shen Mingxi had a box in his hands; he must have returned to his car to get the box.

“President Qin, this my gift to celebrate your recovery.”

“President Shen, you’re too kind.”

“No, no. I did many things that I’m ashamed of, but you and Doctor Huo are generous enough to forgive me. Today, I just wanted to see you and didn’t expect Wei Liao would be so agitated. I’m sorry to disturb your dinner party.” Shen Mingxi looked at Qin Chu apologetically.



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