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(Doctor Huo is so Domineering (20)

“How come there’s such deadly poison on this island?”

Someone asked in puzzlement, but Riley didn’t know the answer.

They had been on the island for a long time now; if the woman had poison on her, why didn’t she poison Huo Siqian?

Why did she poison them when Huo Siqian was ill?

Huo Mian smiled but remained silent.

It all started from a weed she had spotted when she returned to the cottage from the basement.

The weed was insignificant to other people, but Huo Mian was a doctor and had read lots of books about herbal medicine, so she could recognize lots of valuable medicinal herbs.

The weed was a soul-eater; it stood there quietly and insignificantly but Huo Mian regarded it as a great treasure.

On that day, Huo Mian mixed the herb with other stuff to dilute the toxin in the soul-eater herb and made a toxic liquid.

She made large quantities of the liquid and mixed it in the bottled water stored in the basement.

Then, she just had to wait for the arrival of Riley and his men, and it was why she had tried to get from Jack the time these people would arrive at the island.

Since the island was hot, they couldn’t go without water; but they would be on guard and wouldn’t take water from the cottage where Huo Mian lived.

So, the key lay in the water in the basement.

Sure enough, they got poisoned, which gave Huo Mian the confidence that she would be able to leave the island.

After all, no one would stay loyal when their lives were in danger.

Riley would certainly give in; it was just a matter of time.

“Boss, we don’t want to die here.”

“Yeah. Boss, let’s release this woman; we can catch her again later.”

“The boss will kill us,” Riley said.

“But we’ll die without him killing us… This poison makes me hurt all over…”

“Don’t worry. You’ll rot slowly…” Huo Mian struck more fear into their hearts.

“You are such an evil woman…” Riley stared at Huo Mian, looking as if he wanted to skin her alive.

“I don’t care what you say. At this moment, it’s your call if we live or die.”

Huo Mian looked at the guys who got poisoned…

“Boss, please agree to her condition. We really don’t want to die here…”

“Yeah, Boss, once the toxin enters our hearts, no one can save us. Boss, help us.”

The men behind him were screaming in pain and despair.

Before death, even a strong man would become a coward; Huo Mian had expected this reaction.

“When the boss wakes up, we’ll ask him.” in the end, Riley didn’t dare to offend Huo Siqian and release Huo Mian.

“I’m sorry, but the toxin will kill you before your boss wakes up,” Huo Mian reminded him.

“You…” Riley wanted to say something but stopped.

“Don’t call me a scheming woman. If I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t have a way to leave this island. Come on and make the decision. If you are angry with me, you can just shoot me.”

“Even if we agree to let you go, you must detoxify us first. Otherwise, how could we drive the boat and take you from the island?”

“Don’t take me as a three-year-old child. After you agree to my condition, I’ll detoxify the guy who drives the boat and he can take us away from here. I’ll give him the antidote for the rest of you when I’m safely on land.”

“You are…” Riley hadn’t expected Huo Mian would think so swiftly and consider all the details.

“When we get to the shore, I’ll need a passport and US dollars; I want to leave this damned place as soon as possible,” Huo Mian added to her conditions.




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