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(Su Yu is a Crybaby (14)

“Hello, Sis. I’m Yan, the No.1 badass and beautiful genius girl who has a big fortune, great figure, excellent abilities, marksmanship, and melee combat skills!”

Seeing the extremely arrogant self-introduction, Huo Mian smiled, feeling light-hearted.

“You must be smiling when you hear this, right? Laughing is good for pregnant women. I heard if you eat more chocolates, the baby will love laughing when it comes out.”

Huo Mian didn’t speak; it was a recording, so she just listened quietly.

“I planned to say goodbye to you, but considering we’ll both cry at parting, I decided not to do it. It’s why I didn’t say goodbye to you. I told the restaurant to prepare good food for the pregnant woman in our family. Tell them whatever you want to eat, and they’ll do their best to make it for you… I’m now heading to Brazil to settle accounts with one of my enemies. Then I’ll find time to go back to China and see you. I miss Pudding and Little Bean…

“Oh. By the way, Dad called and actually wasn’t surprised when he heard you’re fine. It seems he knew you’d be fine. Don’t you think it’s miraculous? Dad is old now and even told me that he’d retire after the last project and then go to your home to take care of Pudding and Little Bean. Haha! Isn’t it a happy prospect?

“But you’d better not be fooled by his promise. He told me five years ago that he’d retire and go to Tibet with me to see the moon and become a shepherd in Inner Mongolia. But in the end, he is still crazily doing research in the lab… I even suspect we’re not his biological daughters but gifts to him after he bought some prepaid phone cards; no… if I was a gift for buying prepaid phone cards, you’d be a gift for buying an electric rice cooker, which is even worse …”

Hearing her joke, Huo Mian giggled.

“Okay. I must stop babbling… Anyway, sis, you must take good care of yourself and the baby. I’ll miss you.”

Then the recording ended…

It was a funny clip, but Huo Mian still shed tears.

“What’s wrong, Honey?” Qin Chu immediately handed her a tissue.

“I just feel that Yan lives a hard life running around all over the world,” Huo Mian said with a choking voice.

“After Ian dies, we’ll have peace. Not only we but Lu Yan and the professor will feel much freer.”

“I know.” Huo Mian nodded.

“Eat the congee now; it’s getting cold.”


Wiping off her tears, she lowered head and ate the lobster dumplings and seafood congee with gusto.

She felt happy after watching Lu Yan’s recording and enjoying breakfast with her husband on such a beautiful morning.

What else could she ask for?

– On the private plane –

“Boss, it’s time to eat. What do you want to eat? We’ll get it for you. Now we have steak, caviar, foie gras, noodles with gravy, vegetable salad, and sushi.”

“I don’t want to eat. You guys go ahead with the meal.”

“Um… When you’re hungry, just call out to us.”

Her subordinate walked out of the inner cabin and closed the door behind him.

Qiao Fei put down an English book he was reading and glanced at Lu Yan.

“You are not in a good mood today.”


“Are you missing sister Mian?”

“You know the answer.”

“Okay. Forget it.” Then, Qiao Fei lowered his head to continue reading.

“Hey, little bastard, you started the topic and then stopped.” Lu Yan was not pleased.

“The problem is that I can’t do anything for you when you miss her. I can’t grab her and bring her to you anyway.”

“Qiao Fei, you’ve left your family for a long time now. Do you miss home?” Lu Yan asked earnestly.



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