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(Doctor Huo is so Domineering (1)

This time, Huo Mian didn’t feel alarmed or afraid because she knew Jack was locked up.

No matter how fierce he was, he was locked tight by the iron chains.

With the flashlight in her hand, she climbed down the ladder cautiously.

After picking up some food when she passed the storage room, she pushed open the door to the small room.

“B*tch, let me out… Or I’ll kill you.” Jack stared at Huo Mian viciously.

“If I let you out, you’ll kill me.” Huo Mian looked calm.

“Give me the key. Trust me, you’ll die pathetically if you don’t…” Seeing gentle persuasion didn’t work on Huo Mian, Jack lost his patience and began to insult and curse her.

“I indeed have the key. But do you think I’ll give it to you?”

“Bitch… Go to hell…” Jack’s eyes were as vicious as a wild animal, wanting to tear Huo Mian into pieces.

At this moment, Huo Mian congratulated herself that she hadn’t been persuaded by this sly guy, or she would have been dead by now.

She now knew why Jack was locked in the underground cellar.

Obviously, Huo Siqian had felt his second personality couldn’t be suppressed, so he locked himself before Jack surfaced.

He left the key in the cottage, or more accurately, he left it to Huo Mian because he knew Jack was violent and would show no mercy to Huo Mian.

It seemed even in the last critical moment, Huo Siqian was thinking of Huo Mian’s safety.

He had at least given her a chance to live.

For that, Huo Mian was grateful to him.

“If you’re done cursing, you can eat something. I don’t want to starve you to death since I don’t want to be alone on the island,” Standing far away from Jack, Huo Mian said.

Seeing the ham and compressed biscuits that Huo Mian had tossed on the ground before him, Jack was angry.

“You let me eat this?” he complained.

“What do you want to eat? Abalone and lobsters? I want them too, but unfortunately, I don’t have those things,” Huo Mian said indifferently.

“Woman, can’t you cook some porridge?” Jack looked disdainfully at the food.

“What? Porridge? Are you kidding? You damned want to kill me, and you want me to make porridge for you? Do you think I’m unhinged or something? I’m a kind person but I’m not Saint Teresa, thank you very much. You’re a heartless man and should be thankful that I feed you. If you didn’t share a body with Huo Siqian, I’d never give you food.”

“I won’t eat this garbage.”

“Then you can starve… Oh, here’s the water. You can drink the water and pee in the empty bottle…”

That said, she rolled a bottle of water toward him on the ground and then left.

“Wait! Don’t go. Come back…” Jack still tried to persuade her.

But Huo Mian ignored him and continued walking.

“Auch! My leg hurts… I have cramps in my leg… Huo Mian, you’re a doctor. Please help me.”

With her hand on the door handle, Huo Mian paused in her steps.

Then she looked back at him and said coolly, “You won’t die of pain.”

Tossing the words at her shoulder, she pulled open the door and left.

“Bitch! Huo Mian, you won’t end well. When I go out, I’ll cut you into pieces.” Jack went violent again.

Coming out of the basement, Huo Mian exhaled deeply.

She wondered how long Jack would remain in this state; on the other hand, if Huo Siqian woke up, it wasn’t a good thing for her, either, because she couldn’t leave the island anyway.

The path from the basement to the cottage was covered in weeds.

Suddenly, something caught her attention, and her eyes brightened immediately.



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