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(The Real and Fake Huo Siqian (8)

“Nezha?” Tang Chuan froze, and the others were also surprised, not understanding what Su Yu meant.

“Ever since she got pregnant, troubles came to her one after another. I think the baby in her belly is an extraordinary figure, and he’s passing tribulations with his mother…” Su Yu said.

“Hahaha! Passing tribulations? Mr. Su, you’ve read too many novels about immortal cultivation, right?” Tang Chuan teased him.

“This soup is very good. I’ll get more for you guys.” Obviously, Jiang Xiaowei didn’t want to continue the topic on Huo Mian.

Every time Huo Mian was mentioned, they felt sad.

When she changed the topic, the others understood her meaning and didn’t pursue it.

When Qin Chu entered his study, Ah-Cheng immediately stood up from the sofa.

“President Qin.”

“Sit down, Ah-Cheng.”


It had been a long time since Qin Chu last saw Ah-Cheng. He looked haggard in dark grey shorts and a white short-sleeved shirt.

There were faint scars on his arms and thighs. During the years when he worked for Huo Siqian, he had taken lots of big tasks and got many wounds during the process.

When he worked for Huo Siqian, he had a very cold temperament; after returning to normal life, he looked softer.

“President Qin, are you okay now?”

“I’m fine.”

“Good.” Ah-Cheng nodded.

“How’s the kid?” Qin Chu asked.

“Very good. He’s been under monitor but there are no signs of rejection… I asked several doctors to check him and they all said the surgery was excellently done. Thank you.”

“Ah-Cheng, don’t mention it. Do you know why I looked for you today?”

“I do. President Qin, I…”

“Listen to me,” Qin Chu interrupted him.

“Please go ahead.”

“If Huo Siqian isn’t dead, you’ll be in danger. From what I know about him, even if he doesn’t come back, he’ll order people to kill you. After all, you betrayed him.”

“I know.” Ah-Cheng nodded.

“So I’ve arranged to get you and your child out of here.”

“Out of here?” Cheng was surprised.

“You and the child have no relatives here and can live anywhere. You can start anew in another place.”

Ah-Cheng bit on his lip and fell silent.

“I know Su Yu went to you when I was in the hospital and you told him everything you know. I won’t ask more questions. Just take this.”

“What’s this?” Ah-Cheng took the Kraft paper bag Qin Chu handed to him.

“Open it.”

Ah-Cheng opened it slowly and found an ownership certificate for a house and a cheque for 3 million yuan.

“I bought an apartment in Xiang City with your name on the ownership certificate. It’s not big, about 100 square meters, but it’s big enough for you and the child. Not knowing what brand of car you like, I didn’t buy you a car. Take the money and you can cash them in any bank. In that middle-scaled city, 3 million is not a fortune but enough to give you a comfortable life. After things came to this stage, you can’t return to work for Huo Siqian and can’t work for me either. So, start a new life as an ordinary person.”

“President Qin, I… can’t take it. I don’t deserve it…” Ah-Cheng looked guilty and felt bad.

In fact, he hadn’t done many things for Qin Chu other than giving him some information, some of which was even false.

However, Qin Chu had saved him from Huo Siqian’s men who tried to kill him.

“Take it. Anyway, you must leave this place and get out of this mess.” Qin Chu patted Ah-Cheng on his shoulder.

He got up and was about to leave when Ah-Cheng called out from behind, “President Qin, wait.”

Qin Chu paused but his face was still calm as if he had expected Ah-Cheng had something to say.



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