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(Finally Found You (19)

Seeing these guys insisted on following her to the washing room, Huo Mian was convinced of her suspicions.

She was surprised that these guys could even get Qin Chu’s voice recording. They must have gotten a voice recording of Qin Chu when he talked in a meeting and edited it.

There were professionals behind these guys, otherwise, the plan wouldn’t be so impeccable.

But the biggest loophole was that they didn’t dare to let Huo Mian talk to Qin Chu on the phone.

Having known Qin Chu for years, Huo Mian knew him well; he’d have called Huo Mian even if he was in a hurry to catch a flight.

So, Huo Mian was trying to delay the confrontation when she agreed to go with them.

In the motel, if she refused to go with them, they would start acting rough with her and might hurt the baby.

Huo Mian walked slowly and looked around her carefully, trying to find a chance to escape.

The guys followed her closely, afraid that she’d run.

Huo Mian had to fight the battle by herself in this remote town in Australia; she didn’t dare to trust anyone unless she could see Qin Chu in person.

She didn’t believe anyone who claimed to come to pick her up or help her.

When she was little, she used to hear the old people say that there were two things in the world you couldn’t look at directly, and they were the sun and the human heart.

After seeing so many evil people, she didn’t dare to trust anyone blindly.

Finally, she came to the door of the washing room.

Fortunately, it was a supermarket open for 24 hours; there were many people in the store at this hour, which gave Huo Mian a glimmer of hope to escape.

“Okay. Madam, you go in there and we’ll wait here to guard you.” Kevin and his men stood at the entrance.


Huo Mian nodded and walked in slowly.

Entering the door, she didn’t walk further; instead, she put her ear on the wall to hear their conversation.

Sure enough, one of Kevin’s men couldn’t remain silent.

“Mr. Kevin, are you sure we’re not making a mistake? I think we shouldn’t have allowed her to enter the washroom. We should take her away directly.”

“It’ll be fine. This is the only exit and there are no windows in there. Where can she go? Besides, if we went tough on her, she would yell and cause us trouble. Don’t you remember what Master told us?”

“Yes. Mr. Kevin, it’s your call.”

The others didn’t dare to voice objections anymore.

Huo Mian heard every word of their conversation.

She was puzzled over the key figure they mentioned; Master? Who was this Master?

It wasn’t how Huo Siqian’s subordinates called him; they always called him “Boss”.

Who else would want to catch her?

Then she walked further into the washroom calmly.

She had chosen to go into a washing room in a supermarket because there were lots of people here and no one would notice her.

“Miss Huo, are you okay?”

As she didn’t come out after a long while, Kevin became impatient and called out to the women’s washroom.

“I’m fine. I have the runs and need some more time,” Huo Mian answered in fluent English.

Standing in the innermost booth, she raked her brain for an idea to escape them.

If she couldn’t find a way to get away and returned to the car with them, she’d never had another opportunity to escape.

Suddenly, an idea dawned on her.




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