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(Doctor Huo is so Domineering 16)

“What problem?” Riley asked.

“‘I can’t explain it in a short period of time, let’s talk while walking,” Huo Mian casually said.

Riley stared Huo Mian down, trying to see what she was playing at.

“You better put down your gun, I don’t like being pointed at with one… You should know who I am, and since you know, you should understand that I’m not your boss’s prisoner. He treats me way better than you do,” Huo Mian said.

When he heard that, Riley slowly put down the gun…

“Boss, this woman is playing tricks, we need to be careful,” a black man reminded.

“Don’t worry, I’m just a lone woman against so many men with guns… Are you scared of me?” Huo Mian smiled.

“Don’t play tricks, even if my boss likes you, I will still kill you.” Riley coldly scanned Huo Mian’s face.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you somewhere. I’ll tell you what exactly happened on the way.”

After speaking, Huo Mian led the way with Riley and his men following behind her.

They headed towards the basement…

“You’re here to bring him his meds, right?” Huo Mian asked Riley in a hushed voice.

Riley clearly heard Huo Mian, as he shook a little.

“Don’t give me that expression, I know his illness far better than you do. I’ve seen him when it was happening,” Huo Mian said.

“What happened to my boss?”

“He’s not your boss now, he’s in his alternate personality.”

Afterward, Huo Mian told Riley about how it happened. As he listened, his face got more stormy.

“I know that you don’t completely trust me, so I am going to let you see for yourself.”

Riley looked at Huo Mian with doubt.

“Only you can go into the basement. Don’t worry, I can’t hurt you. You can bring your gun with you, because it’s small, I’m afraid that any move would make Jack go off. So, come down with me and do what I tell you to do. Only then will you know the truth.”

“Boss, let me go in your place,” one of his subordinates seemed to really care about Riley.

“No need, a woman isn’t going to scare me. Wait for me here, I am going down.”

Riley seemed to look down on Huo Mian. He knew that Huo Mian didn’t have any weapons on her and didn’t know how to fight. She was just a weak woman.

Huo Mian pushed open the small door and shone the flashlight in.

Jack shot up. “You goddamn woman, what do you want?”

Huo Mian’s repeated entry made him lose patience.

“Good morning, Jack. How did you sleep last night?” Huo Mian chuckled.

“Don’t give me that shit, Bitch. Let me go right now.”

“Are you regretting not choking me to death?” Huo Mian smiled and asked.

“Yes, if I knew how hard it was to go against you, I should’ve killed you on the spot… You should thank me for my mercy. If I had a second chance, you would be nothing but dead,” Jack cruelly said.

“How tragic. If it was Huo Siqian, he would’ve never treated me like this,” Huo Mian emphasized.

“Only a dumbass like him would like you. I’m not him, I have no mercy for you… I swear, if I have the chance again, I’ll make you die a gruesome death… Bitch.”

After speaking, Jack struggled like a manic monster, wanting to strangle Huo Mian on the spot.

Huo Mian nodded in satisfaction, then yelled outside the door, “Did you see that, Mr. Riley? This person is definitely not your boss right now.”



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