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(Finally Found You (20)

Remember how Huo Siyi took her twin daughters?

Although Huo Siyi wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, his plan was actually quite well planned out.

With this thought in mind, Huo Mian began wondering when the janitor would come in.

Just then, a female janitor wearing a mask walked in, carrying a bucket and a mop.

“Hello, Auntie, could I ask you for a favor?” Huo Mian walked over.

“What do you need, Ma’am?”

“There is a group of bad people out there. They want to take my kids so they can ask my husband for ransom money. I’m currently three-month pregnant and I have to get out of here now and lose them. So… can you please lend me your clothes and your things?

“But…this is my job…I don’t know if I can…” The auntie looked unwilling.

Huo Mian took out a couple of American bills from her purse and passed them over.

“Please help me. I’m pregnant. I don’t want my child to land in their hands.”

The auntie’s eyes lit up at the sight of the money.

Everyone knew how powerful American bills were. Even if she couldn’t spend them, she could exchange them at the bank.

Unable to refuse the temptation of money, she nodded in agreement, accepting to exchange clothes with Huo Mian.

– Two minutes later –

The unkempt janitor walked out of the washroom with water stains on her clothes.

She carried a bucket and a mop, slow in her strides.

When she came out, Kevin and his men backed away from her subconsciously, their faces colored with disgust.

She was the janitor for the washrooms, after all; it wasn’t exactly a respectable career to snobs like these guys.

Of course, that was the effect Huo Mian was going for.

Back then, it was this exact tactic that allowed Huo Siyi to grab the twins from the washroom without notice.

So, at this moment, Huo Mian really wanted to thank Huo Siyi for giving her this escape plan at such a critical time.

Huo Mian left through the back door of the mall, not wanting to catch the attention of the people waiting at the front.

About five minutes after her departure, Kevin looked at his watch, growing impatient.

Their designated plan wasn’t going to wait for long. After all, with Ian’s status as a terrorist, they had to be careful in every single country.

“Miss, are you done? It’s been a while,” Kevin yelled.

This time, there was no reply.

“Mrs. Qin, are you done? Please reply!” Kevin asked again.

“Boss, something not right.” One of Kevin’s minions furrowed his brows.

“You, go in and check. Check every single stall and bring her back here.” Kevin was beyond annoyed; he was done being nice.

Of course, when the minion entered the washroom, he found nothing.

After a detailed search of the female washroom, he discovered the shivering janitor hiding in the storage room.

She was wearing Huo Mian’s clothes but she didn’t have Huo Mian’s face.

So, one of Kevin’s minions pulled her up by her collars, dragging her to Kevin.

“Boss, that woman’s gone. Only this woman is left…”

“Where is she?” Kevin directly clamped his hand on the woman’s neck.

“I… I don’t know. I don’t know anything.” The auntie shook her head in fear.

“Then why are you dressed in her clothes?” Kevin questioned viciously.

“She said that there were bad people after her… and that she’s pregnant… so I gave her my clothes…”

“Damn it! Boss, that janitor we saw was Miss Huo! What do we do now?” Kevin’s men panicked.

How could they lose such a sure thing?! If Ian found out, they’d probably lose their heads.



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