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(You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss (8)

“I’ve made the arrangements to lock up Huo Siqian.”


“I’ve put my trusted men to guard him. If the people from the upper levels investigate it, I have the evidence of Huo Siqian’s murders that you gave me. Even the public security department in the province won’t hold me to it.”

“I’m guessing they won’t get a chance to learn about it, because some people will come and rescue him soon.”

“You mean Huo Siqian’s partners in crime?” Gao Ran was surprised.

“Kind of. This whole thing is complicated, and I’ll explain it to you later. But you can’t let Huo Siqian get in contact with other inmates. His personality is not stable. Remember to put the drug I gave you into his food each day.”

To release Huo Siqian’s alternate personality, Qin Chu had made careful plans.

“Don’t worry. I’ve made the arrangements. We put the drug in all the food he eats, but the doses are not so big that he can notice it. We got him unless he wants to starve.”

“Good job.”

“What award are you going to give me for my efforts?” Gao Ran joked.

He was wondering if he should ask for Qin Chu’s Maybach from the underground garage and drive it for a while.

To his surprise, Mr. Qin said with a straight face, “Of course. Isn’t your Boyuan going to marry into my family?”

“Damn it! Does that count?”

“You must thank me for that,” Qin Chu teased him.

“Fu*k off! Lingling and I worked so hard to raise my son and then you just lured him away. You’re indeed a shameless capitalist.”

As they left the restaurant, the luxurious cars drove away in different directions.

Su Yu had drunk a lot and brought an intense smell of liquor into the car.

“How much did you drink?” An complained in a low voice.

Lounging on the passenger seat, Su Yu hummed a popular English song in a good mood.

“President Su, shall we go back to your house or the old manor?” An asked.

“My house.”

“Okay.” An started the car and drove slowly to the road.

“An, Huo Mian’s back; she’s fine,” Su Yu said happily.


“Can’t you give me a better response?” Su Yu turned to look at An.

“I guessed it when I saw your post on my Moments.”

“Damn it… You’re heartless; you don’t show any pleasure.”

He had thought An would be thrilled but to his surprise, An was quite calm.

“I might be thrilled when you bring back a big-breasted girl for the night,” An said.

“Fu*k off. When did you get so dirty?” Su Yu nudged An’s head with his fist.

“I’m just worried about you.”

“For what?”

“Since you don’t have a girlfriend, people are saying that I’m your gay pet… I feel frustrated,” An complained bitterly.

Su Yu: “…”

“Fu*k! Who said that? I’ll go and kill him.”

“It’s just rumors and gossip. You can kill one, but there are thousands of them out there. So, as I said, you must hurry up and find yourself a girlfriend, so I don’t have to take the blame for you.”

An didn’t care about the gossip, but he was indeed worried about his boss.

Young Master Su was a fine man and had no reason to remain single. He was no longer young and must start planning ahead… An was just worried.

“Where can I find a girlfriend? Do you think it’s as easy as buying a head of cabbage? You can go and get one for me from the streets…”

“President Su, if you want, I’ll really do it… If I yell on the street that Young Master Su is looking for a bride, do you think it will cause an earthquake?” An chuckled.


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