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(The Real and Fake Huo Siqian (6)

“It doesn’t matter. We’re close friends so we don’t mind it.”

“The kid is having a fit… So, I won’t stay here for dinner. I’ll come and see you another day.”

Shen Mingxi wasn’t as close to Qin Chu as the others, so he didn’t feel as relaxed with him.

“Come on in; you can stay for a while.” After his surgery, Qin Chu was touched that so many friends cared about him and his children.

“Today is not a good day. I’ll invite you to dinner some other day and talk about the cooperation between GK and the Shen Corporation.” Shen Mingxi smiled sincerely.

“Okay.” Hearing Shen Mingxi’s words, Qin Chu had to give in.

Taking the present, Qin Chu walked back in, holding Pudding’s hand.

He didn’t open it but by looking at the package, he knew it was a set of high-end china.



“Why doesn’t Uncle Wei Liao want Uncle Shen to be with his sister?”

“They have an unhappy past,” Qin Chu explained.

“I think Auntie Wei Ying likes Uncle Shen very much, but Uncle Wei is trying his best to separate them. Whoa, is this the legendary Brutal Separation of Love Birds?”

“Pudding, you’re so interested in gossip today. I almost thought you were Little Bean.”

“Haha! I’m in a great mood to see you up and sound again.” Pudding was in a rare high spirit.

As everyone sat down, they saw Qin Chu enter with Pudding, but Shen Mingxi was nowhere to be seen.

“Huh? Where’s Mr. Shen?” Tang Chuan asked Qin Chu.

“He left.”

“He left?” Tang Chuan was surprised.

“Yeah. He said he had plans and couldn’t stay for dinner.”

“Ha! I think he’s afraid our Old Wei will lose his temper again.” Tang Chuan laughed.

Wei Liao’s face was still dark, and people were not used to his solemn expression.

By now, Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi were both gone.

“Old Wei, do you think Ying will go out and see Shen Mingxi behind your back?”

“Are you trying to stir up trouble?” Qin Ning pinched Tang Chuan’s arm, annoyed by his habit of messing around with other people’s business.

“Auch! Don’t pinch me. It… hurts.”

“Now that they are out of my eyes, they are out of my mind. But they can’t do it under my nose,” said Wei Liao.

“Okay! Let’s not talk about it and have dinner. It’s good to see Qin Chu back on his feet.” Jiang Xiaowei changed the subject.

Qin Chu’s parents arranged the dishes to be brought to the table.

Then, they and Qin Ning’s father ate in a smaller dining room, giving the young people room to talk freely.

“I’m grateful to you guys for your concern for us and the good care you gave to Pudding and Little Bean when I was sick.” Qin Chu seldom talked to them so politely, and it made the others quite uncomfortable.

“Brother-in-law, you talk as if we were outsiders. We’re family.”

“Get out. Who’s your family? Why are you so shameless.” Qin Ning pinched Tang Chuan’s face.

“Hey! Ning-Ning, you can’t deny it. Your dad agreed to our marriage. If you don’t believe me, we can go and ask him now.” Tang Chuan was good at lightening up the mood.

“I propose a toast to thank all my friends.”

Qin Chu was about to drink when Little Bean scolded him, “Dad, you can’t drink. Grand…”

“Ahem…” Pudding coughed to remind her.

“The old man who came from abroad to operate on you said you are a patient and can’t drink.”

“I can drink a little wine.” Qin Chu smiled.

“No, you can’t. Come on, I’ll give you my glass. Behave.”

Little Bean ran over and handed her own glass to Qin Chu. The liquid in it was also red, but it was blueberry juice.

Holding the glass, Qin Chu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“Son, your future wife looks high-handed. Do you think she will make us all listen to her after you marry her?” Gao Ran teased Gao Boyuan.



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