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(Su Yu is a Crybaby (4)

“Uh, what’s wrong with Yan?” Huo Mian was thinking rather simplistically and was the most clueless of all of them as she actually believed Lu Yan was going to the washroom.

“She’s like that, Sis-in-Law. Don’t worry, let’s eat first.”

“Qiao Fei, you haven’t gone home for a long time, right?” Huo Mian suddenly remembered.

Qiao Fei abandoned his family to be with Lu Yan. He was even being hunted down by his family.

“Yeah. I’m never going back unless my old man allows me to marry Yan,” Qiao Fei said calmly as he picked up a piece of salmon sashimi and stuffed it into his mouth.

“The older generation is like that. They’re just firm in their speech but soft in the heart. Maybe sooner or later your father would allow you so don’t worry too much.”

“Mian, I’m not worried. I know how my old pops is.”

“It’s important to keep it harmonious and peaceful. Don’t sacrifice family for love. I think Yan doesn’t feel great that you had to give up family for her.”

“Okay.” Qiao Fei nodded.

He listened to Huo Mian as he knew she was a kind and gentle doctor that saved lives.

Girls like Huo Mian existed in their world because they had never been through what Lu Yan and he had.

They were eating on the top floor – the 78th floor.

Lu Yan didn’t go to the washroom but rather took the stairs to the 74th floor.

She hid behind a door quietly waiting for something.

Very soon, she heard footsteps coming up.

The killers had taken the elevator up to the 70th floor. In order not to alert their target, they got off the elevator before reaching the top floors and took the stairs instead, thinking they could finish their mission without anyone knowing.

However, Lu Yan was one step ahead of them.

The first person who pushed open the door was caught off guard: Lu Yan caught him from the back and covered his mouth before the first killer could see the hallway. She directly slit his throat with a knife. From start to finish, he was not able to utter a sound. Lu Yan dragged him aside and left him there.

The people behind could tell something was wrong so they pulled out their guns but were still one step behind Lu Yan.

The staircase was a narrow space where guns could not be used to their full potential. In such a space, the one who was most agile wins.

Lu Yan was able to consecutively slit two killers’ throats.

There were three killers left and they all dashed forward.

There was one killer some distance from Lu Yan. He was able to fire with his gun but he suddenly felt that his wrists went numb. He looked and realized that there was a needle on it.

On the needle was anesthetics. That killer fainted straight to the ground.

There were two other killers who were attacking with their bare hands. They used the sandwich tactic, with Lu Yan in the middle. However, Lu Yan jumped high up and kicked both simultaneously.

Her kick aimed for their throats. Then she clasped her feet together and did a handstand in front of a wall.

The two killers fell to the ground as Lu Yan had hit them with knives without them knowing…

In the 74th floor staircase, blood was everywhere…

You could smell the iron in the air.

However, the whole process took less than three minutes.

One of the killers who had weak breath left laid flat on the ground. Lu Yan glanced coldly at him. Then, she took out a white handkerchief from her pocket and wiped her hands before leaving.

“Boss, are you going out?”

One of Lu Yan’s subordinates saw her when she was going back up to the top floor.

“Go clean up on the 74th floor. I left one alive. He’s drugged with anesthetics. Remember to record the evidence.”

“Uh… Boss, so you finished everything up?” The subordinate was amazed.

“If I didn’t finish them up, should I leave them for you guys to deal with for the New Year?” Lu Yan said. Then she headed back to the private room.

When Lu Yan sat down, Huo Mian frowned as she noticed something.

Since Huo Mian was a doctor, she was very sensitive to blood. She said, “Yan, why is there the smell of blood on you?”




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