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(The Real and Fake Huo Siqian (4)

“I’m sorry, got stuck in traffic. They say it’s because of the marathon…” Shen Mingxi explained with a smile.

Then he pulled open the back door and carried Tiantian out from the back seat. Dressed in a blue princess dress and wearing hairpins, she looked pretty and bright.

“You are early, guys,” Shen Mingxi said, friendly.

Before anyone could speak, Wei Liao threw off Jiang Xiaowei’s hand, strode over, and punched Shen Mingxi in his face viciously.

Caught off guard, Shen Mingxi couldn’t block it and almost fell under the punch.

“Wu… You’re a bad guy. Why did you hit my uncle? You’re a big bad guy.”

Crying, Tiantian ran over and bit on Wei Liao’s arm.

She was so furious at Wei Liao and thought him an evil guy; so she bit with all her strength.

A bloody mark appeared on Wei Liao’s hand.

Wei Liao frowned at the pain but knew he couldn’t deal with a kid.

His anger was directed at Shen Mingxi for hurting his sister, so he controlled himself even though he was bitten.

“Goodness… Your dad was bitten…” Holding Gao Boyuan’s hand, Little Bean glanced at Wei Yunchu who stood beside her.

Pudding also turned her head and glanced at Wei Yunchu, but she didn’t say anything.

Dressed in black shorts, a pale blue short-sleeved shirt with a black necktie, Wei Yunchu looked like a small gentleman.

The kids were of the same age and Wei Yunchu was the one with fewest words.

Seeing his dad was hurt, Wei Yunchu ran over without a word and grabbed Tiantian’s small plaids, pulling them hard.

“You dared to bite my dad! Are you a dog?” Wei Yunchu yelled at Tiantian.

Pulling her hair, he pushed her to the ground with force.

“Wu… You’re all bad people. I don’t like it here. Uncle Shen, let’s go.”

Shen Mingxi hurried to help the kid up.

Wei Ying took out a wet wipe to clean Tiantian’s dirty hands.

But the little girl pushed her away with force.

“Get off! You’re a bad woman. If not for you, things wouldn’t be like this. You are so shameless that you can’t stop harassing my Uncle Shen. Can’t you find another man?”

Wei Ying was slightly stunned.

“Tiantian, shut it. You can’t talk to your senior like that.”

“Did I say something wrong? What senior is she to me? My mom said she’s a liar who likes to pay men to be with her; she can’t have children; no men like her. She has schemes on you, Uncle Shen.”

Tiantian was even more vicious in her railing.

Shen Mingxi immediately covered her mouth to stop her.

“Ying, she’s just a child. Don’t…”

Before Shen Mingxi could finish, Jiang Xiaowei said angrily, “Don’t excuse her just because she’s a child. None of the other kids here would say something like that. It seems Huo Yanyan taught her lots of bitchy thoughts.”

“Yeah. This girl looks cute, but her tongue is vicious. That’s not good.” Zhu Lingling didn’t like this kid either.

“Sis, is she the Tiantian we know before? I feel she’s possessed by a demon… I don’t like her,” Little Bean said in a low voice.

“I haven’t seen her for a long time. I don’t know why she has become like this,” Pudding said.

For a while, Huo Yanyan had been on friendly terms with Huo Mian, and Tiantian had often come and played with the twins.

At that time, Pudding didn’t think Tiantian was a mean kid.

“Ying, did you hear that? When will you stop lowering yourself before them? Even Huo Yanyan’s daughter looks down on you…” Wei Liao looked at his sister, his heart ached for her.



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