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(You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss (6)

“Yeah. Zhixin, you’ve been with Bella for a long time now. You’ve reached the age for marriage. Just do it,” Zhu Lingling cheered them on.

“Haha! We’re still young and focusing on our careers.” Zhixin was still shy.

“How time flies; even Zhixin is going to get married. When we were in high school, he was only a wimpy kid and always got in fights with his classmates,” Gao Ran exclaimed.

Qin Chu nodded. “Time shows mercy on no one. With our kids growing up, we’re getting old.”

“Great President Qin, do you feel sad when you imagine the scenes of your twins getting married?” Gao Ran teased him.

Qin Chu’s face fell.

To tell the truth, he really didn’t want to see his daughters get married. Even though they were only a little bit over three years, he sometimes imagined the scenario of them growing up, falling in love, and even getting married.

He knew he’d feel lost and reluctant to see them leave home; he was sure he’d cry when that happens.

“Don’t tease him.” Rick glanced at Gao Ran.

“Haha! I’m happy. When Little Bean marries my son, I’ll have a daughter-in-law in our home.”

“The same with our home.” Wei Liao joined the fun.

Mr. Qin’s face looked darker.

“If you continue bullying my husband, I’ll show no mercy on you guys,” Huo Mian cut in with a chuckle.

“What? Mrs. Qin, do you want to separate the love birds?” Jiang Xiaowei laughed.

“Of course not. I’m not so heartless as to break up the love birds. But I can have live-in sons-in-law. Even Tang Chuan agreed to live in our home. By that time, we won’t lose daughters, but you’ll lose your sons. Do you have plans to have another baby?” Huo Mian teased them.

“Qin Chu, your wife is crafty… She’s your good student, right?” Gao Ran gave her a thumbs-up.

“Sister-in-law, I’m the innocent party who got shot in a battle, right?” Tang Chuan didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

“But she’s right. Do you want to go back on your words now? It’s not too late though. After all, there are lots of beautiful girls from rich families around here and you can take your pick. Those women are eager to be your wife,” Qin Ning said.

“No, no, no! I only want you. Sister Ning, please don’t dump me.”

With a puppy-look on his face, Tang Chuan massaged her leg…

“Fellow, you look so shameless when you try to gain favor from your woman… I despise you,” Wei Liao teased him.

“You’re no better than me. When you pursued Sister Wei, you were basically putting her on the altar and worshipping her,” Tang Chuan retorted.

Sitting beside them, Su Yu lifted his glass and said with a chuckle, “Go on. I like watching dog fights.”

“Now that you mentioned dogs, we do have a single dog here…” Tang Chuan said.

Su Yu: “Fu*k…”

“Young Master Su, it doesn’t feel good to be single, does it? I noticed a new device was invented lately just for guys like you; they are better than sex dolls. I’ll buy you one for your birthday. You’re welcome.”

“Trust me, I can kick your private parts so hard that you won’t be able to have any sex for the rest of your life.”

“Stop it. We have children here. Mind your language,” Wei Liao reminded them.

“Uncle Su, please go on. I love these jokes; they are super fun,” Gao Boyuan said in a northern dialect.

Everyone laughed at his words.

“Chief Gao, your son is not as innocent as before…” Huo Mian glanced at Gao Ran and said.



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