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(You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss (3)

“Yeah,” a man of few words, Qin Chu answered her with one word.

“Oh… Then why didn’t you tell me… I was worried.”

“We’re back now.”

“When will you come home? Uncle and Auntie are both worried sick. My dad is…”

“We’ll come home after lunch.”

“How can you have lunch at this moment? Come home immediately. We want to see sister-in-law.” Qin Ning was impatient.

Qin Chu hung up without answering.

“My brother is infuriating; he just hung up on me.”

“They are really back?” Tang Chuan asked.

“Yeah. They are back and said they are having lunch.”

“Damn it. They must be with Young Master Su. No, we’ve got to find him.” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Young Master Su wouldn’t tell us.” From the secretive way that Su Yu posted the picture, Qin Ning knew he didn’t want to leak the information.

“I can still find him without him telling us the address…”

Picking up his cellphone, Tang Chuan opened his WeChat and called out in one of the chat groups: “Bros, any of you see Young Master Su’s car today? Anyone?”

Instantly, replies came. After all, the people in the group were idle kids from rich families and their main business each day was eating and drinking.

“Huh, I seemed to have seen it around Wangjing Road…”

“Yeah. I seemed to have seen it, too. Right, it’s Young Master Su’s Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.”

“Wangjing Road? There are many restaurants there. Anyone knows where he’s having lunch?” Tang Chuan asked again.

Someone popped up and said, “He must be having western food. I saw him with President Qin’s twins.”

“Got it. Thank you, guys.”

Tang Chuan put away his cellphone with a sly smile.

“Did you find the address?” Qin Ning cocked her head and looked at him.

“Certainly. Young Master Su took the twins out. Even thinking with my butt, I know they are in Green Tea Restaurant. Little Bean likes to eat the ice cream and pineapple buns in that restaurant.”

Qin Ning: “…”

“You’re good, Tang Little Chuan, you can even do deductions now?” Qin Ning gave him a little punch.

“Now you see how smart your husband is.” Tang Chuan was smug.

“Yeah. You’re so smart that you are balding… So be careful…” Qin Ning teased him.

Tang Chuan: “…”

Being the typical little speaker, Tang Chuan broadcasted the news to everyone.

After he guessed the address, Tang Chuan sent a message to everyone in the group secretively, telling them the address of the restaurant where Qin Chu, Huo Mian, and Su Yu were having lunch.

In half an hour, a miraculous sight came when all kinds of luxurious cars drove to the Green Tea Restaurant one by one and parked before it.

The cars included Gao Ran’s Jaguar and Zhu Lingling’s fancy orange Audi TT.

Wei Liao’s chauffeur drove him here from his company in a Rolls Royce Phantom; Jiang Xiaowei came with their son from home, driving a white Maserati.

Ni Yang and his wife drove a low-key black A8; probably influenced by Huo Mian, he had taken a liking to the Audi brand.

Tang Chuan was high-key today and drove his new black Ferrari with Qin Ning sitting in the passenger seat.

Rick and Xixi came in a comfortable extended Lincoln Limo. After Xixi became pregnant, Rick had seldom driven racecars.

Zhixin and Bella came, too, with Zhixin driving a silver Porsche.

The media reporters thought a celebrity was having a party in here and waited at the entrance for entertainment stories.

When Su Yu saw the large group of people, his brain blanked out…

“What’s happening?” He was dumbfounded.



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