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(Finally Find You (2)

“Wait for a second, please,” Riley interrupted Huo Mian.

“Anything else, Mr. Riley?” Huo Mian frowned since the longer they delayed, the more unpredictable the situation would become.

“Before we leave, I must check up on our boss and leave him enough food and water, or he won’t last.”

Then he walked toward the basement alone.

Huo Mian narrowed her eyes with complicated feelings but didn’t stop him.

Huo Siqian was still out and couldn’t recover so soon after taking the medicine. After all, it took time to suppress Jack.

She wasn’t worried that Huo Siqian would say something to him, but it proved that Riley was very loyal to Huo Siqian.

He left Huo Mian with the dozen or so men.

But they didn’t dare to get close to the woman.

At this moment, a black man cursed in English, “Guys, we’re men and can’t be controlled by this woman. We can tie her up and cut her to force her to hand out the antidote. What do you think of this idea? We will be dead if she refuses to give us the antidote when she gets to the land.”

Hearing his instigating words, some of the men looked tempted and stared at Huo Mian with menace in their eyes.

“Our boss Riley is loyal to Mr. Huo, but we’re not… We only want to live,” the black man continued.

“But when Mr. Huo wakes up and finds out we hurt this woman, we’ll die… Riley said we can’t touch one hair of the woman,” someone objected.

“At this stage, we’ll die soon; who cares whose woman she is? Besides, she’s a coward and will probably hand out the antidote before we cut her. What do you think? Do you have the guts to do it?”

Suppressing the pain, the black guy suddenly stood up.

The others looked tempted but didn’t dare to make a move yet because they knew Riley would come back soon.

Huo Mian glanced at the black guy and said, “I advise you not to do it.”

“What? Are you afraid? Bit*h, hand out the antidote if you’re afraid.” The black guy looked fierce.

As a tall and big man, he felt ashamed that so many men were under the control of a tiny woman, so he tried to do something while Riley was absent.

“I can poison you easily; do you think you can hurt me?” Huo Mian smiled.

The black guy wasn’t smart, judging by how he stood out now to make trouble for Huo Mian, and he didn’t realize his mistake.

“Woman, don’t bluff. The boss is afraid of you and dares not to touch you, but I’m not. Hand over the antidote, or I’ll break your neck.”

Then, he walked toward Huo Mian…

“It’s not wise of you to move close to me; it would be better to use a gun, right?” Huo Mian reminded him.

“I don’t need a gun to deal with you, a tiny ant…” The black man looked confident, thinking it was a piece of cake to subdue her.

The black guy moved closer to Huo Mian; meanwhile, two silver needles suddenly appeared in her hand behind her back.

These were weapons she had made to keep herself safe and she hadn’t expected they would be put into use so soon…

Unfortunately, before the black guy could walk to her side, a gunshot sounded out…

Then, everyone was stupefied…



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