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(Doctor Huo is so Domineering (5)

“How can I know? If I did, I wouldn’t have been waiting here and doing nothing. I’d have caught them long ago.”

“Didn’t you go to China?” Nalo stared Ian in the eye; obviously, he didn’t believe Ian.

“You’re well informed…” Ian sneered.

Nalo didn’t speak; he just stared at Ian.

“But since you know about my trip to China, you should know that the damned girl Lu Yan exploded my plane and almost killed me.”

“You’re not dead; you’re standing here quite alive…” Nalo was expressionless.

“My brother, your words are always so unique, and your face is always deadpan…” Ian smiled.

As Nalo remained silent, Ian continued, “If you came to me to find out that fellow’s whereabouts, I’m sorry your trip is in vain because I don’t know. I’ve been playing hide-and-seek with the girl Lu Yan and haven’t had time to search for him yet. Since you have lots of time at hand, you can go and look for them. If you find them, you get Huo Siqian and give his beloved woman to me. What do you think?”

“Do you think I will give her to you if I find them?” Nalo sneered.

“Then we can only do our own things…” Ian spread out his hands, looking resigned as if he had done his best to be a good brother.

Nalo turned to leave.

“Hey! Brother, I advise you to stop loving that fellow… I think you should have women instead of tricky creatures who are neither male nor female.”

“Shut up. Damn it… If you say one more word, I’ll tear your mouth into pieces.” Nalo turned his head abruptly and railed at Ian.

To his surprise, Ian wasn’t angry; he just smiled.

Then, Nalo left the building with his men.

After he was gone, one of Ian’s men walked up cautiously.

“Sir, shall we follow Mr. Nalo?”

“Why?” Ian slanted him a glance.

“Mr. Nalo was disrespectful to you. Do you want me to follow him and find a chance to…” The man made a throat-slicing gesture with his hand.

The moment he made the gesture, Ian slapped him hard across the face, making him dizzy.

“He’s my brother…”

“But Mr. Nalo claimed he’d kill you…”

“He said it in the heat of the moment. Do you think he meant it? We share a mother; how can we kill each other?”

“Yes, yes. You’re right, Master. I was mistaken.” The man was terrified.

He had tried to gain favor from Ian but had angered him instead.

He hadn’t expected Ian, a bloodthirsty fellow, would have brotherly love.

He scrambled to get up, but before he left, Ian stopped him.


“Yes, Boss?”

“Find a man of good skills to follow them; don’t let them find out.”

“Yes, Boss.”

“Find a chance to kill two of Nalo’s men. I’ll give him a warning that I’m not someone that can be picked on,” Ian said slowly.

“… Okay, Sir.”

Ian was infamous for his caprice and unpredictability. He always changed the decision he had made only a moment ago.

For example, he had just bragged about his feelings for his brother one moment ago, but now he ordered his men to kill the people working for his brother to warn his brother. That was his typical style.

– On Lu Yan’s private plane –

“Qiao Fei…” Lu Yan sat down beside Qiao Fei with a smile on her face.

“What do you want?” Qiao Fei looked at her warily.



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