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(The Real and Fake Huo Siqian (7)

“Dad, what are you talking about? Little Bean is super cute and adorable; she’s not high-handed. Compared with her sister Pudding, she’s very gentle.”

“Pudding is gentle, too,” Wei Yunchu corrected.

Hearing the two innocent boys defend their future wives, everyone laughed, and the atmosphere lightened instantly.

Just earlier, they had almost lost their appetite due to the incident with Shen Mingxi and Wei Ying.

“Dad, drink it. It’s good…” Standing before Qin Chu, Little Bean looked at him without blinking.

His daughter was earnestly trying to stop him from drinking liquor.

“Okay. I’ll try it.” Resigned, Qin Chu sipped at the blueberry juice.

“Is it good?” Little Bean asked expectantly.

“It’s good.”

“Then drink it all…”

Qin Chu: “…”

“Hahaha! Little Bean, your dad is a brave man but now he’s under your control…” Gao Ran burst into laughter.

“Uncle Gao Ran, you’re wrong. This is not control but concern.”

“Yeah, you’re right. You look so good, so everything you say is right.” Gao Ran found his heart almost melt when he looked at Little Bean’s adorable face.

“So… Qin Chu, do you still toast it or not?” Rick joked, which was rare for him.

“The blueberry juice is good. I’ll propose a toast to you with the blueberry juice to thank you all for everything you did.”

Seeing Qin Chu’s sincere look, the others all raised their glasses.

During the dinner, Qin Chu got a call and his expression changed a bit after he answered it.

“You guys continue to enjoy the dinner. I’ll go and see someone; I’ll be back very soon.” Then he stood up.

“Brother-in-law, don’t worry. I’ll entertain them when you’re not here.”

That said, Tang Chuan gestured to the others. “Come on, guys, enjoy yourselves. Haha.”

“Mr. Tang, you’re cheeky. Do you really regard yourself as the host?” Su Yu teased him.

“Yeah. I’ll be a member of the Qin Family sooner or later.” Tang Chuan held Qin Ning’s hand and smiled.

“If your mom heard that, she’d explode in fury, wouldn’t she?” Su Yu laughed.

“I don’t care.” Tang Chuan was indifferent.

Tang Chuan’s attitude had been firm in front of his mother’s objection.

He had been defending Qin Ning from the very beginning, even though he had to disobey his mother.

But he didn’t think he was unfilial because he knew his mother was too aggressive and bossy.

“It seems daughters are much more tender to their parents. Xixi, is your baby a boy or a girl? I heard the advanced technology abroad can tell you the gender of the baby at a very early stage, right?” Zhu Lingling asked.

Jiang Xiaowei said, “Yeah. Many women from rich families or celebrities go to Hong Kong soon after being pregnant to see the gender of their babies. Some families abort girls because they want boys. That’s a cruel practice.”

“They are stupid. If everyone has boys, then they will have to be gay when they grow up. They won’t have wives, then!” Zhu Lingling was indignant.

“Honey, be careful. We have kids at the table,” Gao Ran reminded her.

“It’s fine, Uncle Gao. We understand Aunt Lingling’s words,” Pudding said calmly.

Gao Ran: “…”

“So Auntie Xixi, is your baby a boy or a girl?” Little Bean cocked her head and asked Xixi.

Rick put his hand gently on Xixi’s shoulder and said, “We didn’t check the gender.”

Xixi smiled. “We don’t care. No matter if they’re a boy or a girl, we’ll love them.”

“I wonder the baby in my mom’s belly is a boy or a girl.” Little Bean sighed as she thought of her mom again.

“Little Bean, you’re bringing it up again?” Pudding hurried to stop her.

“I think Doctor Huo must have a Nezha in her belly…” Su Yu said suddenly. (Note: Nezhe is a Chinese mythical figure who was born as a ball of flesh and then brought many troubles to his parents.)



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