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(The Real and Fake Huo Siqian (3)

Hearing that people were arguing outside, Qin Chu stopped his talk with Su Yu.

They walked out and saw that Jiang Xiaowei was trying to pull an agitated Wei Liao to one side.

“Old Wei? Impossible… He’s never been the aggressive type…” Su Yu was puzzled.

He had known Wei Liao for a long time and knew he was a reserved man who didn’t like to argue.

But he was indeed arguing in great agitation.

“Is he fighting with his wife?” Qin Chu was a little surprised.

“Impossible. He listens to Doctor Jiang in everything.”

As they talked, they got closer and saw Wei Liao was arguing with his sister Wei Ying.

Since Wei Ying wasn’t invited, Qin Chu was surprised to see her.

“What’s up? Old Wei, what are you doing?” Su Yu walked over to soothe Wei Liao.

“I’m fine. I just wanted to give a lesson to my spineless little sister.” Wei Liao was still angry.

“What are you doing here?” Su Yu looked back at Wei Ying and asked bluntly.

“Big Brother Su Yu… I…” Wei Ying looked embarrassed.

“I told you I asked Ying to come…” Jiang Xiaowei interrupted.

“No. Sister-in-law, I can’t let you take the blame; it has nothing to do with you. Big Brother, I wanted to talk to Mingxi about something. When I called him, he said he was on the way to here. So I thought maybe I’d come too.”

“You didn’t expect I’d be here, too. Right?” Wei Liao scorned her.

“No. I didn’t want to conceal it from you. Please calm down.”

“How can I calm down? I told you many times not to have anything to do with the fellow from the Shen Family, right? The things between you and him are already history…” Wei Liao was distressed.

“Big Brother, he and I are just… friends. That’s all.”

“Friends? Whom are you kidding? Do you think I’m as stupid as you?” Wei Liao got even angrier; pointing his finger at Wei Ying, he railed at her.

Jiang Xiaowei threw her arms around her husband and begged, “Honey, we’ll talk about it when we’re home. We’re guests here, and it’s rude to act like this.”Visit website our Listnovel.com

“It’s okay. We’re Qin Chu’s close friends. I believe he understands me as I deal with my family business here.”

Hearing his words, everyone looked toward Qin Chu.

“President Wei, please go ahead,” Qin Chu said mildly, knowing it was improper to interfere with other’s family business.

Shen Mingxi hadn’t arrived yet, but according to Wei Ying, he was on the way.

“What are you waiting for? Go home now… Don’t embarrass yourself.” Wei Liao got angrier when his sister didn’t leave.

“Big Brother, I need to talk to Mingxi about something urgent.”

“You can talk about it outside. This is the Qin Family’s House, not a place for you to date.”

“Old Wei, you’re a bit too harsh. There are so many people here; I’m sure Shen Mingxi can’t do anything to your sister. Don’t be so stubborn.” Su Yu spoke for Wei Ying, which was rare for him.

“Young Master Su, stay out of it…” Wei Liao told Su Yu not to interfere.

Lately, for some reason, the media had been spreading the news about the reunion of Shen Mingxi and Wei Ying.

But he still remembered how his sister got hurt; even if Wei Ying could forgive Shen Mingxi, Wei Liao and the other family members couldn’t accept it.

At this moment, a black Porsche Cayenne drove slowly into South Hill Manor.

“Young Master Shen is here?” Zhu Lingling looked at the car and said in a low voice. Everyone fell silent.

Wei Liao’s face turned darker.



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