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(Doctor Huo is so Domineering (3)
In the evening, Huo Mian went down to the basement to see Huo Siqian, or more accurately, Jack.

When she opened the door and entered, she saw that he was sitting there leaning on the wall.

He didn’t eat the food, but the water was gone; it seemed he was thirsty.

Hearing her footsteps, he looked up slowly…

“Mian, you’re here.”

Hearing his tone, Huo Mian was a little surprised.

“Mian, how long did I sleep?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

“You… don’t know what happened?”

“I do… Of course, I do. Jack came out to make trouble, right? I locked myself before he came out and put the key in the room. You saw the key, right?”

“When did you wake up?” Huo Mian looked at him calmly.

“One hour ago,” he said faintly.

“Why didn’t you call me?”

“I knew you’d come. You delivered water and food to me, no, to jack, right?”

“But he didn’t eat,” Huo Mian glanced at the intact food and said.

“No. Jack is paranoid and wouldn’t eat the food you gave him. He was afraid you’d put something in it.”

“Then he can starve,” Huo Mian said.

Huo Siqian smiled faintly.

Huo Mian studied Huo Siqian’s face and found the fierce look in his eyes had indeed gone, but…

“Mian, can you unlock me and let me out? I can’t stay in the dark basement all the time.”

“Do you think I’m so stupid as to let you out?”

“But if you keep me here, when my men come to deliver provisions and see me missing, they won’t let you go. You’re smart and shouldn’t do something so stupid.”

“When will your men come?” Huo Mian had always wanted to know when his men would come, so she could find a way to leave the island.

“Mian, do you want to get the words out of me?” Huo Siqian smiled.


“Do you think I will tell you this secret?”

“Very good. Then you can stay here.”

That said, Huo Mian turned to leave.

Instantly, Huo Siqian’s eyes turned chilly…

“Oh, it seems you’re thirsty. Here, this is for you.” Huo Mian picked up a bottle and tossed it to him.

Then, she left the room. Huo Siqian didn’t call her back because he knew Huo Mian wouldn’t release him so easily.

Returning to the cottage, Huo Mian took out the medicine that she had found in Huo Siqian’s chest.

It was the medicine to suppress his second personality; the bottle was empty. It seems he had run out of medicine and the second personality Jack got the chance to come out.

Huo Mian studied the ingredients printed on the bottle.

They were meaningless to a layman, but Huo Mian was a doctor and was sensitive to these ingredients.

In the evening, Huo Mian only cooked some porridge and calculated the time as if she was waiting for something…

– In South Hill Manor –

Qin Chu finished his call with Lu Yan and walked out of his study.

He bumped into Qin Ning.

“Big Brother, are you going out?”

“Yeah. Have the kids went to bed?”

“Little Bean is asleep; Pudding seems to be playing with her cellphone,” Qin Ning said.

“You can stay here for a few days now that Uncle is here, so you can help me take care of Pudding and Little Bean.”

“Are you going on a trip?” Qin Ning guessed her brother was planning for a long-distance trip.

“Yeah. I’ll go to Australia.”

“So far?” Qin Ning was a little surprised.



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