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(You“re Pregnant, so You are the Boss (10)

“No problem. I’ll make any food you want,” Yang Meirong patted her daughter’s hand and said.

“Sis, at this moment, even if you wanted to eat the stars in the sky, Mom would go and pluck them for you,” Zhixin said with a chuckle.

“Go, little boy. Don’t be so rude,” Yang Meirong scolded her son.

“Grandma, Mom always makes you worry, right?” Little Bean sat in her grandmother’s arms.

“Right. Your mom always makes me worry.”

“But I heard all the geniuses are like this. Uncle doesn’t cause you trouble, but he’s not smart.” Little Bean smirked.

“Hey! Little girl, you dare to mock your uncle…” Zhixin flicked Little Bean on her head.

“Supper is ready. Come and eat.”

“Huh? We have to eat again? I’m so full…” Little Bean touched her round belly.

They had stayed in Green Tea Restaurant the whole afternoon and ate lots of fruits and desserts with the other kids, including Gao Boyuan and Wei Yunchu.

Hearing their grandmother call them to supper, Little Bean almost threw up.

“You should have restrained yourself, you ate too much…” Pudding said.

“I just can’t control my mouth,” Little Bean said as if it was a good reason.

“Then don’t complain about your fat body…”

“I didn’t. Boyuan likes me fat. You’re thin but he doesn’t like you.”

“I don’t want him to like me,” Pudding retorted.

“Mom, look! Pudding is scolding me…” Little Bean told on her sister.

“Little Bean, you can’t handle your elder sister. When the baby comes out, are you going to be bullied by him?” Zhixin teased her.

“Humph! That’s impossible. When the baby comes out, we’ll join hands and bully him…” Little Bean said.

“Okay. You two stop arguing… I’ll get a headache.” Huo Mian immediately intervened.

“Mian, you’re pregnant and must rest well,” Qin Chu’s uncle instructed her.

“Okay. Uncle, I’ll be careful.”

“I planned to ask Chu to take you to the U.S. and live there for a while since I need him to help me handle some business. After Ning fell in love, she’s always staying here, making my life quite busy. But now that you’re pregnant, he can’t leave your side.”

“It will be fine, Uncle. If you need him, I’ll tell him to go and help you,” Huo Mian offered.

“No. The last time when you were pregnant, Chu wasn’t with you. This time, he must stay with you for the whole time until the baby is born.”

Hearing his words, Huo Mian felt warm inside.

In fact, every one of the Qin Family was thoughtful.

“When the baby is born, I’ll give you a house in Los Angeles as a gift. The child can live in it when he goes to the U.S. for education.”

“Hahaha! Dad, you think so far ahead. The baby is not born yet, and you are planning for him to go to school in the U.S…” Qin Ning laughed.

“Don’t worry. The houses there are well built and many of them are more than 100 years old. It will be at least 18 years before the child is old enough to go to college in the U.S. Mian, I’ll give a house with a garden in Los Angeles to the child as my gift.”

“No, that gift is too valuable, Uncle.” Huo Mian immediately declined.

“Sister-in-law, take it. My dad is very rich,” said Qin Ning.

“You damned girl are trying to make your dad bankrupt, right?” Qin Ning’s father glanced at her.

“Dad, if my sister-in-law gives birth to a boy, don’t you think your gift of a house a bit small?” Qin Ning teased him.

“If Mian gives birth to a boy for our Qin Family, I’ll give him 20% of my shares besides the house.”

“Whoa, that’s generous.” Qin Ning exclaimed.

“No. Uncle, I can’t accept your shares. It’s not easy for you to build your business.” Huo Mian didn’t dare to accept such a big gift.

“Grand Uncle, you’re not fair; you value boys more than girls, right? My sister and I have been so good to you and even shell pistachios for you… Humph, you’re ungrateful.” Immediately, Little Bean pointed at Qin Chu’s uncle in displeasure.


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