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(The Real and Fake Huo Siqian (2)

“Do you think I’m afraid? You think that little of me?” Su Yu said arrogantly.

“It’s not a problem of fear.”

“What’s it then?” Su Yu was obviously not convinced.

“Ian is a devil who enjoys killing. Do you remember the series of killings in our city? The victims were killed heartlessly but the killer has never been caught. Those were Ian’s work.”

“You mean he came here?”

“Yes. He’s been investigating Mian’s background.”

“What’s so horrible about Ian’s background that even you’re afraid of him?” Su Yu wasn’t stupid and could see even Qin Chu was cautious around Ian.

“He’s the leader of a terrorist organization, but that’s not the point. The thing is he is extremely cruel, and his cruelty goes beyond ordinary people’s imagination.”

“He… wants Mian because of the professor?” Su Yu wasn’t stupid.


“Then why doesn’t he go and catch Mian’s sister?” Su Yu was puzzled.

“He’s been trying to catch her. But Lu Yan isn’t an easy target.”

“Fu*k! Okay, it seems I didn’t realize the things were so complicated.”

“Yeah. I told you all this because…” Before Qin Chu could finish, Su Yu interrupted him, “You wanted to ask me to be a coward from now on.”

Qin Chu: “…”

“Qin Chu, although I’m not close to you… But I’m Mian’s friend and I’d die for her.”

“I know,” Qin Chu said.

“You know it but still want me to step down like a coward? Do you think that’s my style?” Su Yu was a bit angry.

“I know you’re not a coward. But this isn’t a small skirmish, and our enemies are not ordinary people. You’re the only heir of the Su Family and I don’t want Grandpa Su to worry about you at his old age.” Qin Chu was a considerate man; the Su Family had done great favors to him and he didn’t want to put Su Yu into danger for his family.

Qin Chu was truly thinking about the safety of Su Yu.

“Qin Chu, do you know what I dislike about you the most?” Su Yu asked suddenly.

Qin Chu looked at him questioningly.

“I dislike the most your look of self-sacrifice as if in the whole world, only you can do sacrifice, and you are the most selfless saint!”

Qin Chu: “…”

“If I was a coward, I’d have washed my hands off your business long ago. I think you’ve heard that to bail out Mian from the prison, I pointed a gun at my own head to force my grandpa to help me. At that moment, I thought if my grandpa didn’t give in, I’d really shoot myself. In your eyes, I’m the only heir of the Su Family, the only grandson of Admiral Su, the prince of the Su Family, and the heir of a fortune of billions of yuan. But I only think I’m an important friend of Huo Mian’s.”

Hearing his words, Qin Chu didn’t look surprised since he knew Su Yu wasn’t a coward who’d flee in front of danger.

“I wasn’t afraid of death before and I’m not afraid now. So, don’t scare me with Ian or anyone else… I don’t care. I only want to get Mian back safe. If you are afraid that I’d take credit from you, just tell me,” Su Yu said with great dignity.

“I wouldn’t think that.” Qin Chu smiled faintly as he regarded Su Yu in a new light.

“Dad… They are arguing outside. Come and have a look.” Little Bean ran over and grabbed Qin Chu’s hand, saying urgently.

“Argue?” Qin Chu was puzzled, wondering who was arguing in his home.



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