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(The Whole World is Looking for Huo Mian (6)

Hearing her dad’s request, Pudding walked up shyly.

Qin Chu pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead with all the doting love of a father.

“When I was unconscious, you took good care of your sister, right?”

“A little.” Pudding had always been low-profiled; she never liked to take credit and always kept things inside.

She was like Qin Chu in this respect.

“You and Little Bean didn’t expose your grandpa’s identity when he was here. Your Uncle Rick said you were amazing. You didn’t even tell your Uncle Su Yu and even convinced him to allow your grandpa to perform surgery on me, right?”

“Those were things I was supposed to do, Dad.”

“You did a very good job. I’m proud of you,” Qin Chu praised Pudding lavishly.

Hearing his praise, Pudding smiled shyly, looking a bit embarrassed.

“Dad, you must praise me too. I did a very good job keeping the secret. I also learned some awesome medical skills from Grandpa.”

“You did? You’re awesome, Little Bean.” Qin Chu smiled at her.

“Dad, when shall we go and find Mom?” Little Bean asked suddenly.

Hearing her words, Qin Chu’s heart sank a little. It was a topic he was reluctant to bring up after he woke up.

“Dad, I miss Mom so much that I dreamt of her. So does my sister. One night, I heard my sister calling Mom in her dream,” said Little Bean pitiably.

Pudding bit on her lip and didn’t deny it. Indeed, she and her sister hadn’t been separated from their mom for so long, not even when they were kidnapped by He Yongjun and Shen Jiani.

This time, Huo Mian had vanished without a trace, which gave a huge blow to the twins.

“Very soon. After I can move freely, I’ll go and look for your mom. I promise you I will find her. Okay?”

“Okay. I trust you, Dad. You’re the best.” Little Bean nodded.

“Daddy… Grandpa left instruction for you.”

“What is it?” Qin Chu looked at Pudding.

“Grandpa said you had relied on a drug before and he had destroyed all of such drugs that he could find at home; he said you should never take it in the future.”

“Okay. I got it.” Qin Chu nodded, understanding the professor’s good intentions.

“Grandpa said that you must control your emotions. No matter how sad you feel, you can’t take that drug again because it will damage your health.”

“Okay.” Qin Chu nodded again and listened to his daughter obediently.

“Daddy, Little Bean and I can’t lose you and Mom. When you were unconscious, we couldn’t even sleep or eat well,” Pudding said with tears in her eyes.

“Yeah. Dad, you were so heartless that you slept for so long. I was scared and thought you’d never wake up,” Little Bean said frankly.

“Little Bean, that’s nonsense,” Pudding scolded her.

“It’s not nonsense. Really, even Handsome Su said Dad’s condition was bad,” Little Bean retorted.

“When I wasn’t with you, I wasn’t worried because I knew your Uncle Su would take good care of you.” Qin Chu looked at Little Bean, who was sitting in his lap, and then at Pudding.

“It’s not the same. Dad, Handsome Su is indeed nice but he isn’t our father… We don’t want to live in other people’s homes for the rest of our lives. The Su Manor felt like home but still, it isn’t our home. South Hill Manor is our home, and you and Mom are indispensable family members to us.”

“Whoa, our Little Bean has improved and can say something so mature.” Qin Chu smiled in satisfaction.

Little Bean was about to say something more when Gao Ran knocked on the door and walked in.

“Uncle Gao…” the twins greeted him together.



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