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(At that Moment, I Thought I Was Dead (10)

“Dad, why do you act so secretively? Can’t we talk in the room? Uncle and Auntie are our family too.”

“How are things going between you and the fellow of the Tang Family?” her father asked with a solemn expression.

“We’re fine…”

“After your brother fell into a coma and your Uncle and Aunt went to the resort, I heard you moved into that fellow’s house?”

“Right.” Qin Ning nodded without a trace of embarrassment.

“Ahem… Then did you…”

“Did we what?” Qin Ning was puzzled.

“Did you…” As a father, he felt awkward asking this question, but he felt it was his duty to protect his daughter.

“What do you want to say?” Since Qin Ning had never thought about it, she was puzzled by her father’s faltering words.

“Did that fellow take advantage of you?”

Qin Ning: “…”

“Dad, he’s my boyfriend. Why did you use the words ‘take advantage’?” Qin Ning was exasperated.

Before her father could reply, she continued, “Dad, you’ve stayed in the U.S. for years; I’m sure you can’t be that old-fashioned, right?”

Although she didn’t have an intimate relationship with Tang Chuan yet, Qin Ning wasn’t an old-fashioned girl; she tried to reassure her father.

“I didn’t mean I’ll interfere in your business. I’m just worried that you will get carried away… and then the fellow will dump you after being intimate with you… After all, that fellow has a bad reputation with girls… If he got you pregnant without marriage and then dumped you…”

“I won’t let such a thing happen. Ha!” Qin Ning laughed.

“Don’t laugh. Be serious.”

“I’m serious. Dad, I know you’re saying this because you worry about me, but I’m not a silly girl who doesn’t know how to protect myself.”

“Will you go back to the U.S. with me?” As she had expected, her father asked her the question.

“I’m not sure… Dad, with my brother unconscious and my sister-in-law missing, the two girls need people to take care of them. I’m worried about them.”

“Don’t pull this nonsense on me. Even if Chu wasn’t in trouble, you wouldn’t have gone back with me. I think you’re determined to stay here with this fellow.”

“No. I didn’t say I wouldn’t return to the U.S. Dad, don’t worry, okay?” Qin Ning held her father’s arm and said.

The family members stayed in the hospital until evening; then Qin Chu’s parents took

the twins back to South Hill Manor.

Qin Ning wanted to stay and take care of Qin Chu, but Rick offered to stay, and she found it hard to decline.

So, Tang Chuan drove Qin Ning back and Rick sent Xixi to her home to reunite with her family.

Then, Rick came back to the hospital.

Qin Chu hadn’t woken up yet, but Rick trusted the professor’s medical skills.

– On a private jet –

Lu Yan’s watch beeped.

“Hello, Dad,” drowsily, Lu Yan answered the call.

“The business back home is done. Qin Chu will wake up soon; I’ve left.”

“Whoa! Dad, I knew you could do it…”

“How about you? Is Ian making a move?” the professor asked.

“Ian? He is probably a bit low right now and needs a few days to recover…” Remembering that Ian was tricked by her again, Lu Yan was cheerful.

“Be careful and take good care of yourself.”

“I know, Dad.”

“Have you found any information about your sister?” the professor asked.

Hearing the question, Lu Yan’s eyes dimmed slightly.

“Not yet… I wonder where the psycho Huo Siqian hid my sister… I couldn’t find anything about them.” Lu Yan bit on her lip.

“Keep searching. I’ll ask the people from the FBI to search them, too. We’ll exchange intelligence.”


“I’ll hang up now…”

“Oh, wait! Dad, I’m not finished yet,” Lu Yan said hurriedly when the professor was about the end the call.



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