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(You Don“t Understand My Pain (1)

“So, Handsome Su, are you getting jealous?” Little Bean covered her mouth and chuckled.

“Nonsense. I’m never jealous.” Su Yu didn’t want to admit it.

“Handsome Su, what are you doing?” Pudding changed the subject.

“I’m home missing you two, you two heartless little kids. You left without looking back. Look, your Grandma Su is crying.”

Then, Su Yu turned the camera to his mother sitting behind him.

Sure enough, Mrs. Su was wiping tears from her eyes.

The twins had brought laughter to the house as they stayed there.

Now that they left, Mrs. Su wasn’t used to the quiet yet and thus missed them whenever she saw the stuff the twins had used.

When she saw the snacks that the twins hadn’t finished and their small toothbrushes, she couldn’t help crying.

“Grandma Su, don’t cry… We’ll visit you in a few days, and you can come and see us anytime.”

“Good, good. I’ll go and see you in a couple of days.” Mrs. Su looked at the kids on the screen and wiped her tears immediately.

“Little eating machine, you can’t eat too much at night, especially sweets. Your mommy told you you’d have bad teeth if you did that, right?” Su Yu instructed.

“I know; I know…” Little Bean mumbled impatiently.

“Pudding, I have something to tell you.”

“Go ahead, Handsome Su.” Pudding turned the cellphone to her and looked at Su Yu.

“Didn’t you buy a lot of shares of Huo Corporation?”


“Sell them all when the market opens tomorrow morning…” Su Yu told her.

“I know. Handsome Su, I already did it before you told me to.”

“Good. Tomorrow, I’ll go to the company and discuss the issue of auctioning the broken Huo Corporation. When the news is out, the stock price will plummet.”

“Okay. I’m already prepared.” Pudding nodded obediently.

“Whoa! Sis, that means you have lots of cash on hand?” Little Bean leaned to her and smiled slyly.

“What do you want?”

“Would you give me some money, my rich sister?” Little Bean flattered her.


“Qin Zhaozhao, you’re a miser. You haven’t sent me money in red envelopes on WeChat for a long while,” Little Bean yelled indignantly.

“You don’t need money. I’ll buy you anything you want.”

“But how come you already achieved financial freedom, but I haven’t…” Little Bean pouted.

“Because I know how to invest in the stock market and make money…” Pudding said proudly.

“Alright you two, just stop arguing…” Su Yu felt a headache was coming.

“Handsome Su, I want WeChat red packets.”

“Okay, I’ll send you one. But you must tell me why you want it,” Su Yu teased Little Bean.

Before she could reply, Pudding said in disdain, “All her money is spent on buying toys for Gao Boyuan.”

“Pshh… You’re not supposed to do that, Little Bean. After all, you’re a young madam from a noble family, how can you pay things for a guy? Gao Boyuan’s the one that should be buying you stuff.”

“I didn’t…” Little Bean said in a huff.

“Hahaha… Gao Ran’s kid is so charming that our Little Bean has to figure out ways to get money for him?” Su Yu continued to tease her.

“Hey! Handsome Su, stop it. Do you know my sister bought cartoon books of Naruto on Taobao for Wei Yunchu?”

“Wei Yunchu gave me money and asked me to buy them for him. I didn’t pay for the books,” Pudding explained.

“You two are impossible… Okay, let’s get serious. I wanted to ask you if the old guy in your home mistreated you.”

“You mean Grand…” Little Bean almost blurted out.

“Ahem…” Pudding coughed to remind her.

“Oh, you mean the old guy from abroad…” Little Bean said as she chuckled.

“Yeah. Did he mistreat you?” Su Yu still seemed to be hostile towards the professor.



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